Alter Ego by K.A. Masson

I have reviewed Alter Ego by K. A. Masson for Discovery.

Alter Ego by K.A. Masson is a domestic noir thriller that provides the readers front-row seats to witness the agonizing, steamy, delicious, and heartbreaking drama in the life of Alexandra Kendrew (aka Alex). In her forties, the most cumbersome thing for Alex was to maintain a balance between dating and parenting. As she browsed through the websites, she realized online dating had a big chunk of incompatible and intolerable middle-aged men looking for way younger women to date. At the same time, once in a while, if you were lucky, you might land a gem. Mal, for her, was just that: a gem amongst an ocean of losers.

They clicked almost immediately, and in only a couple of dates, Alex fell hard for the guy. Nevertheless, like any grand romance, their love story, too, had some nasty twists. Even though Mal knew his relationship with his ex was toxic, he could not deny her magnetic pull on him. And soon, he dumped Alex to go back to his ex. As devastated as Alex was, her heartbreak was nothing compared to the agony that turned her world upside down when something beyond her wildest dreams occurred. She was arrested for the attempted murder of Mal. Just like that, romance and parenting had to take a backseat as she wracked her brain to make a list of people who could be devious enough to ruin her life.

Instead of writing a plain thriller with the sole focus on whodunit-and-why, K.A. Masson added online dating fiascos and steamy scenes to build a connection between the readers and Alex. The audience laughs and then sympathizes as Alex navigates from a smelly man to a controlling one. This simple relatability quotient goes on to become even more tangible as Alex puts her dating life on hold to spend more time with Ned, her son. This strategic writing pushed the readers to keep on turning the pages and praying for the well-being of Alex. On the last leg, Alter Ego becomes even more gripping and exciting. Kudos to K. A. Masson, the author, for placing the right events at the right time.

Jealousy; I’d written it down as a motive for all three. Is that what drove humans more than any other emotion? Or was there something stronger? There must be. But what? And who could be driven by it to the point of killing Mal?

– Alter Ego by K.A. Masson

The conversations between the character are just as fascinating as the whole plot. Whether it was an argument between friends or a lovey-dovey exchange between budding lovers, each dialogue flowed naturally like a river. Alter Ego also touches on the subject of living with a depressed partner, and those scenes are both sensitive and moving. The judgment that a single mom faces from people around her is another well-executed narrative. There are intimate scenes in graphic details and mention of suicide; therefore, audience discretion is advised.

I knew the answer already. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram; he’d unfriended me, disconnected, unfollowed. That was it, everything I needed to know. Perhaps I’d never know why. Just as it didn’t completely make sense when he broke up with me three years earlier, how could I even begin to understand now? After everything he’d said? ‘I’m not going to let it happen again.’ I can remember how he looked at me, how he pronounced every syllable.

– Alter Ego by K. A. Masson

Alter Ego by K. A. Masson is a perfect combination of an engaging storyline, intriguing development, relatable characters, steamy romance, and gripping thriller. The readers who are hooked by these elements would enjoy and recommend this book in their circles.

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