Last Light by J.N. Baker

I have reviewed Last Light (Until Dawn, Book 1) by J.N. Baker for Reader’s Favorite.

Last Light by J.N. Baker is a promising start for Until Dawn series. Although Zoe’s life was no bed of roses, she never wanted to be one of the Chosen. A horrible accident changed the course of her life and transformed her into an immortal. As a chosen, she was bound to prevent vampires and other evil from overthrowing the earth. With each life that she took, her belief of being a monster etched deeply in her heart. There were perks to her life as the Chosen, but the price of those benefits was too much for her heart. This new life bestowed upon her body the gifts of speed and quick healing; however, it demanded that she leave her past life behind. This painful predicament turned into a constant heart-ache when she could see one tragedy after another but could do nothing to protect anyone.

I had to hide my skin. I’d been branded with the mark of the Chosen. The ancient black symbols covered nearly my entire body, trailing up my back and over my shoulders, around my sides and down my arms and legs. I had no idea what any of them meant. Hell, not even William knew. Still, I’d always thought they were beautiful…

It was Baldric’s personal mission to hunt down and kill all the existing Chosen. Well, all of them except one: me.

– Last Light by J.N. Baker

J.N. Baker has created a compelling mixture of supernatural beings (vampires, etc) and natural calamities in Last Light. This concoction imbued the plot with an urgency that justified the fear in the characters. Instead of a holier-than-thou protagonist, the author has painted a relatable heroine who is as much prone to hypocrisy and mood swings as any normal human-being (immortal or not). Amidst the ongoing journey toward imminent destruction, a complicated romance worked like a welcome distraction. The story moved with enough twists to hold the attention of its audience. There could be some more gruesome action scenes to justify Zoe’s belief of being a monster. She kept repeating the monster theory, but her presence never produced such an effect.

“… I knew they were going to die and I did nothing. Nothing! We’re here for a reason, aren’t we? To stop Baldric? To save people’s lives? What the hell are we here for, if not to do something?”

The muscles along his jaw tightened. “We have had this conversation. Repeatedly. There are things beyond even our control. You must accept that as it is.”

“We haven’t even tried.”

“Enough,” William growled, taking a step closer.

– Last Light by J.N. Baker

J.N. Baker has done complete justice with the side characters. They not only help move the plot smoothly but also make a memorable impression. The conversations among the characters flowed effortlessly. The gripping tale of Last Light has paved a solid foundation for upcoming books in Until Dawn series, making it a must-read for action lovers.

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