One Proverb One Tale

One Proverb One Tale: Explore the wisdom of Indian civilization wrapped in tiny sentences by The Indian Proverb is a collection of forty-four Indian proverbs. The one thing that binds most of these proverbs is the wisdom that these contain. Undoubtedly, the author has done their homework while curating the book and included just the right mix of proverbs. The concept of explaining each proverb with the help of a bite-sized story is a stroke of genius. Although the tone of the narration is light, these stories managed to deliver even the most crucial and impactful message. One might have a preconceived notion that a book written to define Indian proverbs may lack a flair of storytelling; however, at the turn of each page, the author proved such assumptions false. In fact, there were moments where the magic of words shone through in a bewitching light.

The veins of the Golden city were throbbing with strangers and seekers from all over the world.

One Proverb One Tale by The Indian Proverb

Since the very purpose of most of the proverbs is to convey worldly wisdom or a spiritual message, the stories of One Proverb One Tale, too, are packed with genuine foresight and useful knowledge. While “दया धर्म का मूल है पाप मूल अभिमान तुलसी दया ना छोड़िये जब तक घट में प्राण” convinces the readers to be kind always, “अब की अब जब की जब” suggests the audience live in the moment. The length of time and the extent of research that the author has devoted to writing this book is evident by the creative graphics, intriguing chapter titles, and translation of each Indian proverb.

One Proverb One Tale by The Indian Proverb

The inclusion of “रघुपति राघव राजा राम पतीत पावन सीता राम” in Indian proverbs did not make much sense. Furthermore, the stories associated with a couple of proverbs (“जैसा देस वैसा भेस” and “सहज मिला सो दूध बराबर मांग लिया तो पानी”) did not fit well together. Having said that rest of the stories do what those set out to do: explain one proverb with one tale. Even though the proverbs tend to be preachy, the tales in One Proverb One Tale has a range of emotions, including humor. The lessons give a sneak peek into the wide ocean of knowledge that the rest of the Indian proverbs must be holding inside of them.

But you kept forgetting the truth of all the truths. The force was always with you, in you. Sleeping, yawning, waiting for your nudge, your honest hello, but then you were too busy complaining.

– One Proverb One Tale by The Indian Proverb

If you are interested in learning about Indian proverbs and/or reading quick-to-read and easy-to-digest short stories, then One Proverb One Tale by The Indian Proverb should be in your bookshelf asap.

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