Body Language – Short Stories

Body Language – Short Stories by Marylee MacDonald is a collection of twelve fascinating tales. All I Have is one of the stories that made a deep impression in my heart. When a woman felt that a homeless man was following her, she clutched her purse close to her heart. Her suspicions peaked when he began making small talk with her. Initially, she assumed that he would ask her for money. However, he made no such suggestion.


The Crimson Scarf and Other Stories

Jack did not know that his life would change in a blink. An ordinary day transformed into a mysterious one when a man in “..a Panama hat and light flannels” handed him an envelope and told him to hand it over to a tall man “…wearing a blue pin-stripe suit with a red carnation.” His innate attraction towards mystery got the better of him.

Book Review: Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of Short Stories

Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of Short Stories by Reetwika Banerjee, as the name suggests, is a book filled with twenty short stories.┬áLet’s take a sneak peek into one of her stories. A teenage girl, whose name remains untold, narrates her adventurous and romantic trip to an isolated tourist attraction spot, Salbani. In the midst…