The Kiss List

I have reviewed The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff for Reader’s Favorite.

Written in romance sub-genre of Young Adult, The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff moves around a High School student, Camille Collins and her favorite activity: kissing. She enjoyed kissing her boyfriend Dylan so much so that it became her ultimate pastime. However, Dylan wanted more from her. Since Camille wasn’t ready for the next step, Dylan decided to break up. Camille didn’t mind the dumping part; what she did mind was the rumor that Dylan spread about her being a bad kisser. To discredit the rumor, she came up with a perfect solution: a Kiss List. Although the plan was simple, the sloppy execution created a social media fiasco that neither she nor her best friends (Hayley and Kaitlyn) could have imagined. To add to her ever-growing list of emotional setbacks, her mom had thrown herself to work and was rarely ever available. When Camille realized her first love was softball, she was shocked to discover that the whole softball team hated her for reasons unknown to her.

But there was no way I was opening a kissing booth. If Liam had taught me anything, it was that guys could easily lie. No matter if the guy liked it or not, he could say he didn’t.

I needed a list of guys who were honest. Who would tell the truth, no matter what. It would also help if it were someone I wanted to kiss. No, it had to be someone I wanted to kiss. I wasn’t dropping my standards over some stupid rumor Dylan started.

– The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff

Inspired by Easy A and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff is a fast-paced novel with enough twists to keep the readers hooked. Camille, like many other romantics, lost herself in her boyfriend and, without even realizing, changed her personality to suit her love-interest. Sara Jo Cluff, the author, has very cleverly weaved the message of not losing one’s real personality in a relationship in the fiction. Camille’s growth from a kiss-obsessed boyfriend-immersed high school girl to a well-rounded girl with dreams, hopes, and passion was commendable. The plot has a range of engaging characters, each injected with their own unique qualities that set them apart. A delicious dose of family drama, smart comebacks, and fascinating writing makes The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff an absolute page-turner.

Mom certainly wasn’t going to start being a mom again. I wasn’t getting Dylan back, not that I really wanted him. I’d lost my chance at kissing Alejandro and probably Mason. Issac, too, when he saw the picture — if he hadn’t already.

Softball was one thing I thought I could get back.

– The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff

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