The Samantha Sharp Chronicles

The Samantha Sharp Chronicles by C.C. Roth wraps the aftermath of dystopia created by a deadly virus, much like COVID-19, in a page-turner.

I have reviewed The Samantha Sharp Chronicles by C.C. Roth for Reedsy.

The Samantha Sharp Chronicles by C.C. Roth

Samantha Sharp seemed to be an average 16-year-old girl living with her family in the suburbs of Cincinnati. She never cared about politics, foreign policy, or anything other than herself until a deadly virus was unleashed on the nation.
Suddenly, her world is changing. Her family retreats into seclusion only to discover there is no escaping the aftermath of this war. Now she must find a way to cope with the danger around her as well as the darkness growing within her. Luckily Sam isn’t your average teenager. She soon begins to realize the very traits which were once her greatest obstacles, might just be the key to surviving this new world.

In Book One of The Samantha Sharp Chronicles, Sam tells her twisted journey of self-discovery as she walks the line between heroine and vengeful, trigger-happy badass. Full of dry wit and dark humor, she breaks all the rules and refuses to be underestimated. But will she be able to find moral redemption in the end? Is there a way back from what the world and her dark inner voice seem hell-bent on turning her into?
Moral ambiguity? Check. Creepy inner voice? Check. Impulse control? Nope.


The Samantha Sharp Chronicles by C.C. Roth is a fiction written in dystopia sub-genre. A dystopia created by a contagious virus brought out the worst in humans and forced 16-year-old Samantha to embrace her dark inner voice. When the outbreak had just begun, Samantha’s mother formulated a plan that would keep her family safe. So, when the time came, Samantha, her elder brother, Mike, and their parents moved to a secluded cabin. This place was far away from the chaos of the East Coast and the Midwest.

The isolation meant safety from the outside world, but the clashes between Samantha and her mom increased every day. As time passed, they found a way to bridge the gaps between each other. To prepare the kids for the new world that was filled with violence and mayhem, their parents had started their gun training. Samantha had no clue that the intimidating piece of metal would soon transform into her best friend. As the commotion crept into their peaceful lives, Samantha learned to follow the instructions of her dark voices that demanded blood and violence.

The timing of The Samantha Sharp Chronicles is impeccable, and the execution of the plot is mind-blowing. The uncanny resemblance between the ongoing battle with COVID-19 and the contagious virus of the story is chilling and relatable. On the one hand, the fear of the unknown and loss of normalcy drives people to do despicable and heinous crimes, but on the other hand, the very same emotions move kind people to stand for the right. The conflicting demands of two sets of people result in imminent bloodshed. It was ingenious of C.C. Roth to incorporate viewpoints of both sides. Although Samantha had no choice but to pick up the gun for her survival, Mike remained vocal about his preference for finding non-violent methods to rebuild the society.

My new secret friend that lived inside me, who had perhaps always been there, spread its fingers wide and gripped me from within.

As Samantha identifies her new secret friend, the story adds another layer of intrigue that became even more engrossing than the action scenes. While father-daughter duo brought a smile with their cute conversations, siblings’ dialogues warmed the heart. A page-turner plot combined with engaging storytelling has made The Samantha Sharp Chronicles by C.C. Roth a must-read. Dystopian lovers would definitely appreciate the book.

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