Top Producer by Laura Wolfe

I have reviewed Top Producer – A Novel of Suspense by Laura Wolfe for Reader’s Favorite.

Mara was on top of the world when she bought a condo for herself. However, at the last moment, her boyfriend, Nate, broke up with her. Consequently, he pulled out of the deal of purchasing the condo with her. Despite her difficult financial situation, she did not back off from investing in the condo. No sooner did the purchase went through, she was fired from her job. On top of that, her sister’s diagnosis of cancer inevitably piled up the medical bills beyond what her parents could handle. Then, to her delight, Jacqueline Hendersen offered Mara a position as her assistant at Greystone Realty. Although Jacqueline was one of Chicago’s top realtors, she was not satisfied. Her ambition to become the Top Producer of the entire city of Chicago resulted in an excessive workload on Mara. Even though the hard work swamped Mara, it was nothing compared to the confusion that Jacqueline’s sketchy work ethics caused. Soon, she realized that Jacqueline was doing more than just bending the rules to get to the top. Shortly afterward, Mara learned that being a realtor was more than buying, selling, and earning a commission.

“Think about it, Mara. The reason people sell their properties. It’s because bad things happened to them. Divorces, job losses, unexpected illnesses, death.” His eyes bulged. “She’s behind it all.”

“People move for good reasons, too,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

An excerpt from Top Producer – A Novel of Suspense by Laura Wolfe

Top Producer – A Novel of Suspense by Laura Wolfe reveals the heinous truth behind the veil of sophistication and ambition. As the scenes switch from one condo to another, Laura Wolfe’s extensive real estate knowledge becomes evident. While various characters hint at the questionable methods of Jacqueline, the audience, just like Mara, doesn’t find her sinister. Soon, that changes dramatically, and by then the readers find themselves glued to the plot. Laura Wolfe has created a perfect villain in Jacqueline, who excels in the art of manipulation. Top Producer – A Novel of Suspense by Laura Wolfe exposes many ways in which a corrupt realtor can screw you over. Granted certain “creative” methods of Jacqueline seemed too far-fetched, all of those constituted a hard to put down suspense novel. From an overambitious Jacqueline to a newbie realtor Mara to a slightly pervert Kevin, each character points to a splendid storyteller.

It had been forty-two days since I presented Grace with the fake letter from my condo board. The sour taste of guilt occasionally rose in my throat over the method I’d chosen to push out my roommate, Peter’s warnings edging their way into my head from time to time. She’ll make you do bad things.

An excerpt from Top Producer – A Novel of Suspense by Laura Wolfe

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