THE KILLER ANGEL – The Recollections of a Legend by Myles Stafford #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Years have passed since the apocalypse, and survival has become a daily struggle. A virus took over humans and turned most of them into a zombielike species called runners. As if the fear of runners was any less, not all surviving humans had the best intentions. A good portion of these survivors decided to use their strength against the weak and torment them. Amidst such disturbing chaos, the hope of Nicki Redstone being the last guardian angel provided comfort to many.

One would think that the popularity of Nicki Redstone would have made her life easy; this could not have been farther from the truth. The evildoers put a bounty on her, which resulted in many people looking to hunt her down. THE KILLER ANGEL – The Recollections of a Legend by Myles Stafford sheds light on the life, thoughts, struggles, pain, trauma, and friends of Nicki Redstone. If you thought being a legend is easy, The Killer Angel would change your perspective.

There is nothing glamorous about the post epidemic world of THE KILLER ANGEL – The Recollections of a Legend by Myles Stafford. The virus that took many lives and turned them into flesh eating runners gave an advantage to those who were immune to it. Nicki Redstone was one of those lucky ones; her body stopped aging and the healing process accelerated for her. She did not choose to be a savior, but her good conscience pushed her to help others. Regardless of the extent of the danger in her path, her best friend, Brick, and her protector, Ben (a German Shepherd) never left her side.

Myles Stafford has covered each possible aspect of a post epidemic life. His vision of how survivors would behave under such extreme circumstances seems accurate. Strong ones, with no moral code, would feed on the weaker ones and use them for their entertainment. A few survivors would find a safer place and stay cooped up inside it. Fear would reside in their hearts, and they would live a life dominated by that emotion. To restore hope in a better tomorrow, rumors of a legend, who breathes fire, would start as a wildfire. The weight of such rumors would lay heavy on this “legend.”

THE KILLER ANGEL – The Recollections of a Legend by Myles Stafford is the story of this “legend.” Nicki Redstone takes no pride in this title. On the contrary, she almost detests being called by such names. In her heart, she only seeks a simple life with the love of her life. The author has done an extraordinary job of explaining the life of a hero. Myles Stafford’s love for animals reflects throughout the book. Using the right amount of emotions, action scenes, imagination, Myles Stafford has created a fabulous read.

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  1. That was a beautiful review. I had not seen it on your website before, and I really enjoyed the way you’ve incorporated pages from the book. I think it really makes a more solid presentation for a potential reader. You captured the story perfectly. Many, many sincere thanks! ~
    Myles Stafford, author, THE KILLER ANGEL series

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:

      Thank you, Myles. I love receiving feedback from the prestigious community of authors. I agree with your opinion about including pages from the book in a review. If I can bring forth relevant information of a book, without giving out spoilers, that can help the readers decide their next read, then I’d consider the purpose of this blog accomplished. Stay safe!

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