Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story by Jordan M Alexander #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Even after losing a huge amount of money in an online dating fiasco, Alexis knew that she was not over love. James, the scammer, had succeeded in casting a gigantic shadow over her finances, but Alexis did not allow him to rule over every other aspect of her life. Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story – It’s Time to Lose Your Emotional Baggage by Jordan M Alexander picks up right where the previous memoir, I Love You Send Money, had ended. A short rendezvous with a handsome pilot (Jack) that Alexis had considered to be only a one night stand turned out to be her next romantic venture.

Regardless of several similarities, Jack and Alexis’ relationship had its hardships and issues to address. First and foremost was their geographic situation. With Alexis in New Zealand and Jack in the US, they could not be with each other as much as they needed to. Alexis quit her work and moved to another country to lessen a few miles between them; however, these sacrifices did not prove to be fruitful to their relationship. What started as a whirlwind romance, soon, turned into one of the most melodramatic and nerve-racking experiences in Alexis’ life.

Although at first glance, Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story by Jordan M Alexander appears to be the romantic saga of two Gemini lovers, it is far from just another love story. This is the story of finding your true desire and loving oneself before loving anybody else. Alexis, a die-hard romantic, could do anything in love, but, when she felt unheard, she began losing herself. Instead of succumbing to the pain, she focused on self-love. She decided to take charge and put herself first. Being a Gemini myself, I could relate to her mindset and emotional turmoil.

In her memoir, Jordan M Alexander converses with the readers. Her words are filled with wit and metaphors. Her extraordinary knowledge database is evident in the relevant excerpts from several books and many fun (or interesting) facts just about anything. At times, however, I felt she drifted off the topic for way too long. As a reader, I felt I could sometimes do away with this prolonged off-topic musing.

Reading Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story by Jordan M Alexander, I connected with the author and her story. I cried with her, laughed at her funny stories, and prayed for her well-being. She has a way of making a strong emotional connection with her readers. Undoubtedly, her journey of paving her own path of happiness would act as a guide to many lost and tired souls. I can’t wait for Alexis to find her true love and well-deserved happiness. Fingers crossed and eyes out for her next memoir!

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