My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse – Better To Burn Out Book 1 by D.M. Needom #BookReview

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The price of fame and stardom in any entertainment industry is more than what most of us can bear. We have all heard it from various stars themselves, and the author, D.M. Needom, has transformed this confession into a gripping fiction: My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse – Better To Burn Out Book 1. Nigel Hartagan, the bass player in his popular band, started his journey as a normal teenager with the dream of creating music and becoming famous. He did not think that his desire to be rich and famous would set him on the path of drugs and an insatiable thirst for meaningless sex.

His journal entries show his unstable state of mind: one moment he was considering every person in his life, including his daughter, his ex-wife, and his wife, to be nothing more than a burden and then next moment he was recognizing them as blessings. His second wife, Ava, was a famous model/actor/singer. When Nigel was in his senses, he loved her with all his heart, but mostly, under the influence of drugs and his craving for sex, he belittled her and even raped her.

In his journal, he was either apologetic of his behavior or put the blame on Ava for not being able to satisfy his sexual urges. In order to get his life back on track and eliminate the risk of losing his wife and daughter, he checked himself into rehab. However, in his unstable mental state and his inclination towards his vices, would he be able to find his way back? As a reader, I found myself asking this question over and over again.

The author has done a marvellous job of writing the inner thoughts of a smug, arrogant, drugs-and-sex addict. The description of Nigel’s sexual encounters (or fantasies) is so vivid that at one point, I thought of not reading anymore because it did not match my reading interest. Nevertheless, Nigel had sparked an intrigue into me. I had to know how his life turned out. The credit goes to the remarkable writing of the author. One cannot help but be amused by Nigel’s life. His love for Melinda, one that got away, and his love-hate relationship with Ava are two of the most fascinating elements in this story.

When Nigel is being an unapologetic fool, there is no limit to where he would go to torture the ones he loves, but when he sees the error in his ways, he becomes the most learned person ever. These extreme ends of his personality have no middle ground and that is what keeps this plot so bewitching.

Although I could never understand the reason for Ava to stay with such an ungrateful person, I loved her character. Her personality has a depth to it. She loves with all her heart, and maybe that is the reason why she gives Nigel more chances than he deserves. Nigel’s jealousy toward her best friend John messed up their relationship far before his disgusting habits could. Nigel is portrayed as a prisoner of his own habits and his life is definitely a warning to the readers to check their own vices.

He was aware that drugs and sex were changing him as a person — and not in a good way — but he could not rid himself of their disdainful grip. I would recommend My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse – Better To Burn Out Book 1 by D.M. Needom to the readers who like a sizzling read packed with glamour and a strong plot related to the downfall of a man. This is also suitable for readers who love reading about second chances in life. I cannot wait for the second book of this series.

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