Untold Stories of Indian Tigers by Nikhilesh Shrikhande

If there was ever a good time for the author, Nikhilesh Shrikhande, to pen down his knowledge about tigers and their importance in balancing the ecosystem, then that has to be now; and what’s a better age to be instilled with this wisdom than the early age of 8-12 years. Untold Stories of Indian Tigers by Nikhilesh Shrikhande is a compilation of eleven stories of this magnificent creature. This is a book that adults would enjoy reading to the kids because there is something for them to learn too.

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The author has managed to include intriguing tales of a few celebrity tigers, which of course most of us haven’t heard of. By combining real-life incidents of these tigers with fiction, Mr. Shrikhande has created a perfect storybook for kids. Through these stories, the kids would get to know about the ways of tigers in a fun and entertaining manner. Whether it be the legendary fight of Machli with a crocodile or Maya’s motherly instincts to leave her cubs in order to protect them from other tigers, each story is packed with an intrigue that would leave the readers hooked till the very end.

One more fact worth mentioning for the benefit of the potential readers is that Untold Stories of Indian Tigers has several valuable lessons to learn from almost every story. Parents could ask their children to point out the lessons learned at the end of each story, which would turn out to be a fun little exercise for both the parties. The last chapter is a bonus one that consists of various facts about tigers and is definitely quite informative.

I would recommend Untold Stories of Indian Tigers by Nikhilesh Shrikhande to the parents who love to instill good lessons and knowledge about the ecosystem in their kids through a good storybook. By reading this book, they would get to learn something themselves. I commend the author in writing an exceptional storybook for children that would help to create a foundation of responsible adults from an early age.

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