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Walk with Me – One Hundred Days of Crazy by Ernesto H Lee is an inspiring story of Mark and Karen. When Oncologist, Dr. Alan Bleakley, informed Mark that he had stage 4 cancer, Mark was left with two choices: either risk surgery or live the rest of his days to the fullest. He had made up his mind to follow his logical brain and go with the surgery; however, this choice became utterly difficult when Karen walked into his life. Although she had no options left to fight her cancer, her zeal for life and determination to live her remaining days as crazily as possible filled Mark with awe. He was smitten to Karen right from the first moment he laid eyes on her. After one crazy night and quite a bit of persuasion, Mark agreed to take a break from work to join Karen on her trip to various countries, which she called One Hundred Days of Crazy.

An Excerpt from Walk With Me

There are no words enough to describe the pain that a cancer patient goes through, but the positive outlook that the author has presented in Walk with Me – One Hundred Days of Crazy is remarkable. Karen’s resolution to live each day to its full potential is absolutely genius. She does not let anything, including Cancer, stop her from cherishing her final days. On several occasions, cancer forced her to modify her plans, but she did not let that bring her down. She kept moving forward with the same tenacity as ever. Karen’s positivity touched Mark and he, too, began to appreciate each day with all his heart. There is so much to learn from the love story of Mark & Karen. We are so lost in the daily hustle that we let the life slip by; only a reminder of the mortality can bring us to actually cherish our precious lives.

Another Sneak Peek into Walk With Me

Walk with Me – One Hundred Days of Crazy by Ernesto H Lee is one of those books that inspire you and keep you hooked. The mention of cancer in the plot is bound to make an impression that it would be an intensely emotional ride, but that presumption is highly mistaken. One Hundred Days of Crazy bucket list of Karen & Mark is quite entertaining and very informational. Travel enthusiasts will get a lot of quality information about many places, like Amsterdam, Mexico, China, Japan, etc. The only thing that seemed a bit artificial to me was the manner in which the characters were addressing each other. Of course, this is my personal opinion and every reader may not agree with it. Other than that Walk with Me – One Hundred Days of Crazy by Ernesto H Lee is a fascinating book packed with craziness, emotions, family, and love (lots of love).

Another Sneak Peek into Walk with Me

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