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Born – Against All Odds by Hope Silver presents a beautiful imagination of the author. When a soul selects Leta to be his mother, he did not know how deeply attached he would become to her even before being born. In order to be born, however, he had to ensure that Lera would not only be pregnant, but also would go through with the delivery. It was love at first sight for this soul, who later would be known as Peace.  But when Peace is conceived as a result of Lera’s very broken relationship with a pathetic man, the odds of him actually being born become next to zero. Needless to say, Peace tried as much as he could, but Lera decided to abort the child and move on from her bad relationship. Heartbroken, yet understanding, Peace is bound to serve under an angel for a year before he can again select a mother.

A sneak peek into one of the chapters of Born Against All Odds by Hope Silver

The author has executed her imagination in the most fascinating way possible. It made me think if this is actually what happens: a soul selects a parent, and if they are aborted, they work under an angel for a while and then select another parent. The plot has the power to make its readers think about relationships, guardian angels, and abortion. The best part is that the author, Hope Silver, has presented a non-judgemental viewpoint of the very controversial topic of abortion. Born – Against All Odds takes you on a journey of Lera’s relationships, her friends’ lives, Peace’s immense love for Lera, and guardian angel’s duties and troubles. Towards the end, however, the pace of the book dropped and that distracted me a little bit. Other than that this book has a quite captivating presence, which I absolutely loved

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