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Get Your Life Together, Girl – Imperfect Life Lessons from the Storyteller by Danielle A. Vann is a perfect amalgamation of self-help and memoir. The author has tried to impart the wisdom that she learned from several major and minor moments of her life. She learned the importance of self-love only when her body starts sending fatal signals, which she ignored and the result was her being on a hospital bed. Only after achieving true self-love, she realized she could love others completely and help her loved ones in loving themselves. The concept is simple, yet it doesn’t resonate with us until we know a background story. That’s just how a human brain works. The author has very aptly utilized this tool and handed over each of her lessons beautifully with the help of her life incidents.

She has insisted that we could extract a pearl of wisdom from each event — good or bad — that happens in our life. Only when she sat down to actually extract the facts from her emotional journey, she understood this knowledge. She encourages her readers to sit down and analyze various moments of their lives and extract only facts from them.

Once the author agreed to say yes to two events in her daughters’ school, even though her schedule could not possibly allow that. However, she had the habit of saying yes because she believed that’s what she was supposed to do. All hell broke loose when both these events ended up being at the same time and on the same day. Long story short, the day ended with a flood of disappointments.

This incident taught her not to say yes to everything without understanding its relevance. Does this task align with her goals? If yes, then she should try and make time, else there is nothing wrong in saying no. It may not sound like a huge life-lesson, but, in reality, it is definitely one of the most remarkable ones. It’s not the first time that I have come across this preaching, but this is the first time this idea has actually registered its presence into my memory. Why? Because of her story. Weaving these basic, yet powerful life-lessons, into her memoir, the author has proved her worth as an excellent storyteller and a very brilliant writer.

Although there are many insightful learning, my favorite ones are: keep our eyes up and choose joy. Get Your Life Together, Girl – Imperfect Life Lessons from the Storyteller by Danielle A. Vann is a new and refreshing approach of sharing the same preaching that we have heard in so many places, yet by the end, the readers would develop a deeper connection with the author and thus there is a higher probability that these learning would stick in their heads. I have enjoyed both the lessons and the memoir and would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy following an author in their journey and gather a lot of takeaways.

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