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At first glance, My Promise by Noah Bolinder appears to be another romantic fiction; however, that presumption changes very quickly. Fiona Grace Kelly lived in Philadelphia, fell in love with a boy there, and found herself happy in every possible way. But when her boyfriend dumped her out of nowhere, she found it impossible to move on. So, when an envelope appeared in her life almost magically with a very direct message to join a college in Canada, she chose to follow the path against all the practical reasons. The college turned out to be everything she had imagined it to be and more.

Book Cover of My Promise
Book Cover of My Promise by Noah Bolinder

Everything seemed almost perfect on the surface, but she could not comprehend how several strange packages and/or things were appearing in her apartment every now and then. On top of this, there was one very mysterious course that she had enrolled for in her college. There was no curriculum defined for this course and the students were made to sign an agreement that they would not miss any class ever. To add to the mystery, they would need to address their teacher as the professor, since he did not give a name.

The class that remained the focal point of the rest of the plot is so intriguing that it demands a reader’s undivided attention. A reader with a short attention span would need to take multiple breaks in order to ensure they do not miss any important detail. This is not a casual reading book. The philosophy is deep and thought-provoking. The discussion of Disney movies along with other popular movies is a clever trick of the author to hold the reader’s interest and still keeping the whole subject matter cohesive. I have watched Disney movies — Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, so many times that I’ve lost the count; however, after reading the perception and in-depth analysis of the author, I would love to watch these again with a whole new outlook.

A sneak peek into the book My Promise by Noah Bolinder

This book would push its readers to see beyond what’s in front of us, to open our eyes and really see. It encourages its readers to not let the negativity of the world kill their goodness. Although at times the philosophy part actually got too deep for me (esp. the painting by the artist Jan van Eyck), I thoroughly enjoyed the elaborate study of some of the most famous artwork. My Promise by Noah Bolinder is a perfect amalgamation of philosophy and romantic fiction. The biblical study is quite profound and educational without being boring. I would recommend this to the readers who enjoy reading a fiction that imparts invaluable wisdom with a plot that is packed with suspense.

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