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His wife, Jill Inkwell, found his claims inconceivable — not to mention, threatening to himself and everyone around him — and admitted him to an asylum. Soon, it was evident that handling this patient was not going to be easy for Doctor Blake, Nurse Helen Price, and others in the staff. They all considered him like every other patient, who was admitted in this place. Nevertheless, when Nurse Price found his journal under his pillow, she could not believe the entries that Charles has made in it. She began to believe the off chance that maybe Charles was not hallucinating after all.

Madness of my Dreams by Charles Carfagno Jr. triggers this one question in its readers: does the thought of living inside your book with all the characters that you’ve written excite you? Well, excited was Charles Inkwell at first, when he found himself in a dream that allowed him to meet his characters, interact with them, and spend time with them. However, things turned too ugly too fast. The characters of his book are no normal beings. Most of them are fierce and violent people. The result is a lot of action and a lot of pain. The strangeness of the situation is that Charles even wakes up bruised, scarred, and hurt.

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The plot of Madness of my Dreams by Charles Carfagno Jr. is packed with twists and turns. There is a lot of action and intrigue in this story. Charles Inkwell cannot believe that e gets a chance to meet with his characters and talk to them, but this exhilaration soon turns into chaos when bruises become too real. He gets trapped in his dreams with nowhere to turn for help. There is an urgency in this fiction, where he must act fast to find a way out of his dreams or risk everything including his life. The characters are beautifully written and are easy to connect with. I understood and yet detested Jill for admitting Charles into the asylum. Was it an easy choice for her or she had no other choice? I would recommend Madness of my Dreams by Charles Carfagno Jr. to fantasy fiction lovers, who love a quick — yet engaging — read.

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