Percy – The Racehorse Who Didn’t Like to Run by M.J. Evans #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite

Encouraging kids from an early age to follow their dreams is definitely very important. I believe Percy – The Racehorse Who Didn’t Like to Run by M.J. Evans is an admirable effort in that direction. It is the story of Percy — a horse whose mother insists that he is born to be a racehorse. According to his mother, that is the purpose of his life. The problem, however, is the fact that Percy’s heart is not into racing. He does not like to run around with other foals. His mother would push him to run, and he would do it only to oblige to his mother. He found spending time with a little boy, who visits him every day on his wheelchair, more to his liking. This struggle of doing what is apparently his purpose in life and not finding his heart in it is the base of Percy – The Racehorse Who Didn’t Like to Run.

The appearance of a book is of utmost importance if it’s a children’s book. By including cute and colorful graphics, the author has checked this significant parameter. The story is written in an easy to understand language and has useful information about the terms that are used to call young horses. There is a glossary in the end of the book to explain about various terms used throughout the thirty pages. Percy’s journey is insightful without being too complex and is easy to follow. This book would motivate kids to think about their own purpose of life, which would open new topics for discussion between the kids and parents. I would recommend this book to all the parents who want their kids to think about their dreams and purpose from an early age.

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