True to Herself by Barbara M Webb #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

What would you do if the only life you ever knew suddenly turned out to be an illusion? When Moira found her husband in an act of adultery on their marital bed, her stable life seemed nothing more than the biggest lie of all time. True to Herself by Barbara M Webb begins with a shattered woman and ends with a woman who knows her true self. This journey, however, wasn’t easy for Moira. With her shattered trust, she could not bear the thought of spending another second with her husband, so she decided to leave him and go to another country. Leaving one’s home is difficult enough, but starting a new life in a new land with no security blanket turned out to be an unimaginable task.

True to Herself by Barbara M Webb is the story of hope. Although Moira could not see it, there was a bigger picture in her leaving her husband. She realized that she was with this man for all the wrong reasons. There is a silver lining among the darkest clouds, and the author has pointed it out quite skillfully in this fiction. There are so many women out there who decide to stay in their loveless marriages due to convenience, but Moira’s story would encourage them to take a leap of faith and follow their guts.

There is romance, philosophy, art, culture, and history. There is an unexpected pinch of horror element in this story which took me by surprise, but it was a welcome surprise. I found the pace of the book little slower than that of my liking. I would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy reading stories of hope and women empowerment.

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  1. Jane Brown says:

    Hi Admin,
    love this review of book.
    as i know i read many review of you through indiblogger, but this one is really awesome.

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