A Witch’s Destiny by Leigh Ann Edwards #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. A Witch’s Destiny by Leigh Ann Edwards has many dimensions to it, and each dimension is as appealing and bewitching as the previous one. Alainn and Killian are in love instead of one major difference: magic. Alainn is a witch; whereas, Killian is a mortal. Nevertheless, their love is beyond this complication. In fact, the more the complications appear their way due to Alainn’s supernatural abilities, the more their love thrives. Their marriage has one major hurdle that may ruin their everlasting love. Alainn is pregnant with another man’s child which she wishes to abort at the earliest. She has hidden this condition from her husband, but this has not been an easy deed. With the help of her guardian, Danhoul, she is somehow managing to conceal this truth.

To add to her ever-growing list of distress, a demon is following Alainn, and she is sure that the baby growing inside her womb is pure evil. Her attempts to terminate her pregnancy have been vain. With each passing second, her patience and health both are deteriorating. Despite all these troubles, she cannot rest since she has been having visions that indicate that she must locate her father. So, she, Killian, Danhoul, and others are going far and beyond to unite Alainn with her father.

The seed of the romantic inclination of Danhoul towards Alainn is explained by introducing reincarnation, which was truly interesting to read. The believers of this concept would get their faith restored. Love is definitely an escape from the supernatural entities. Alainn maintained her sense of humor in even the most difficult situations and that was what I loved about her. She did not give up ever. When she made up her mind to do something, even Gods could not stop her. Leigh Ann Edwards has portrayed the protagonist of A Witch’s Destiny, Alainn, as no damsel in distress. To my delight, Alainn is no damsel. She is distressed but has not lost the wits about herself.

Since the primary genre of the book is fantasy, the supernatural element is always under the critical lens of the readers. Leigh Ann Edwards is seemingly aware of this fact and has not left any stone unturned in using magic whenever the plot demanded it. The book would do extremely well with one more round of proofreading. I would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy books (or series) about witches, magic, and supernatural powers. There are graphic sexual scenes so it is not recommended for non-adults.

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