Three What Ifs of my Day-Dreaming Ritual

A Little Bit About Me

Before reading about my What If day-dreaming ritual/hobby/habit, it is vital to know a few things about me. I am Ankita, a May born Gemini, who loves to dream more than life itself. The thought of living a life that moves only by the practical and logical decisions bores me. I believe dreams have the power to inject an adrenaline in otherwise monotonous life. If somebody tries to tame me, I get super suffocated and really depressed. If I do not like being around you, it doesn’t just stress my head, it produces physical reactions like rashes, headache, and what else! If you are still with me, let me take you to my dreamland of three major What Ifs. Hop on!

What If I had real Magic!

I spent my childhood watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Both the series fascinated me so much that I started dreaming of either getting magical powers or a Jeannie. As I grew up, I heard many horrifying stories about Jeannies. I am not sure whether those are myths or facts, and I have no intention of playing a detective; therefore, I have made peace of dreaming about getting magic on my fingertips (or the tip of my nose, like Tabitha of Bewitched).

I have an embarrassing story to share with you. I used to stare at the wall for several minutes in an attempt to push it back with my “magic.” Of course, I had (and still have) no magic so I am pretty confident now that the wall never moved; however, at that time, I could have sworn that the wall moved a few meters and my room grew bigger 😀

 I am all grown up, yet I cannot help but wonder what if I had magic! The beauty freak inside of me imagines a wardrobe packed with trendy apparels and fabulous shoes. The ability to change my clothes with a snap of my fingers would have been divine. Nonetheless, when I look at the world, I wonder the kind of changes I could bring to make everyone’s life beautiful.

First of all, I would give everyone a special power against criminals. If someone dares to attack a good person, a protective bubble would surround him/her that would repel every evil action. Moreover, nobody would have a lack of money. Everyone would have food, clothes, home, and enough money. And these are not any politician’s false promises. I would do it in a blink of an eye if I get magic. So, pray that I become a Magician with real magic.

What If There was No Crime!

Every time I have to cut my plans short to ensure I reach home in “safe” hours, I curse the criminals. I hate that a bunch of goons have the power to meddle in my plans without even knowing it. The problem is that there are no safe hours. Once my gold chain was snatched in the broad day light. It was not an ordinary chain; it was my first ever gold gift from my parents. It had a pendant with the symbol of “Om,’ and I believed it protected me from ghosts. Evidently, it could not protect me from these “humans.” 

I daydream about the world with no crime at all. I would go for a walk whenever I’ll feel like, I’ll dance in rain, I’ll be out all night, I’ll drink without a caution. In short, I’ll be truly free. With no crime, I would get to embrace my nocturnal side more freely. What is it about being out in the darkness of the night that attracts me so much. Sadly, I would not get an answer until these “humans” are out and about restricting my wings.

What If I had Taken Time to Figure Out my Passion

This is a thought that crosses my brain very frequently. What if I had figured out my passion and chosen a career based on that. Jumping into a sure way of getting a job was an easier choice, yet the price turned out to be too high. The world works on credentials. If you have a degree or a diploma and you are an age appropriate candidate, recruiters would jump up and down to offer you an opportunity. Things do not turn out so comfortable if you are a late bloomer. This is the harsh reality. I wonder why do we give so much importance to age. Why is age an acceptable attribute in deciding our path in life? I know there are people who challenge the norm every now and then, but, even after that, biasing based on age remains a norm. Isn’t it time this prejudice is removed?

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  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    You have great wishes. Many others also have similar wish. I hope some day you will have magical power. Nice post.

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:

      Thank you so much! Can’t wait 😁

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