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The concept of reincarnation has remained a disputed one. While a part of the human race believes in it, the other half rules out its possibility. Whether you are a believer or not, Rick Sulik’s excellent writing in his book, Death Unmasked, would amaze you and force you to reconsider your opinion on the subject. Emil and Laura were deep in love. They were crazy about each other; however, their dreams and hopes of growing old together were shattered by an evil man, who was so blinded by his temporary power that he decided to play God and take away two precious lives. Nevertheless, when love is pure and true, it would find a way to connect such souls. Both Emil and Laura were reincarnated but only time could tell whether they would be together in this life, or their souls would have to go through an eternity of loneliness. Another question is, whether they would be able to remember their strong bond or it would be lost in their present life? Would they even meet?

Death Unmasked

The writing style of the author, Rick Sulik, is very entertaining and indulging. The plot never ceased to be exciting. In the present life, Emil is born as a detective. His character is portrayed to be an introvert, who does not believe in socializing. He gets flashes of his past life, and he takes them very seriously. By following his instincts, he solves several cases. By including a few criminal cases, the author has ensured that the plot would remain far away from being monotonous. There is a killer out on the street who kills women and takes away a lock of their hair. The character of this criminal could give anybody goosebumps. Although the primary plot of the book is reincarnation, any reader would get immersed in this murder mystery with an absolute ease.

The author has left no loopholes in the story. Every incident is well-thought and perfectly executed. The characters are very much realistic and I connected with each one of them on an emotional level. If you are losing your faith in love, this is a perfect book to rekindle your desire for true love. What’s more romantic than a person waiting for you for an eternity? Without throwing a spoiler, I would mention that there was a bizarre moment for me: when a detective’s mind literally transported to a crime scene while meditating. I could not grasp this particular part, but I believe the world is an extraordinary place. I am sure such strange events can (and do) occur.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to my readers. If you are a fan of the concept of souls, reincarnation, etc., then you would be delighted with Death Unmasked. If you do not believe in such concepts, then there is a murder mystery waiting to absorb you in it. If you are a hopeless romantic, then the imperishable love story of Emil and Laura would definitely keep you up at night. I am so glad that the talented author, Rick Sulik, picked me to review his book. I can’t thank him enough for introducing me to Emil and Laura.


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  1. sunny7076 says:

    I like fictional stories and something that involves reincarnation always seems intruiging to me. I would try to read it once i’m finished with my current book. You did a great job. I appreciate your effort.

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