3 Top Reasons to Love Charcoal Face Cleanser by Skin Salad

Hey, Gorgeous Reader! First things first – If you have zero patience for my blabbering and wish to just read the major reasons why you should give Skin Salad’s Charcoal Face Cleanser, then scroll way down and you’ll be glad that you visited my blog; however, if you are like me, who likes an interactive read, then stay with me. Trust me, we are going to have an excellent time together.
I had never heard of a face cleanser that has Charcoal in it until Skin Salad team approached me seeking an honest opinion of their products:

  1. A Charcoal Face Mask, which I absolutely adore.
  2. A Charcoal Face Cleanser, which is the star of this post.
  3. A Charcoal Body Wash: Yeah, you read it right. There is a body wash with Charcoal in it. If you are not as surprised as I was, then you are definitely following some of the best beauty sites.

Moving on! My first impression of this face wash was nothing extraordinary. I thought it was okay-ish. However, one fine day, I was too lazy to use a makeup remover to wipe off my good quality, waterproof, sweatproof, and all glammed up makeup, and that day would be known as “the day I fell in love with Skin Salad’s Charcoal Face Cleanser. I took just the usual pea-sized amount of the cleanser and washed my face. Oh my God! Not even a spec of the makeup was left on my face. I could feel that my face was all clean and clear. Since that day, I have started noticing that it actually clarifies the skin. I did not get any breakouts, my face was clearer, my skin appeared brighter, and I felt beautiful.
As long as your skin is healthy, you can try different products (Foundation, BB Creams, CC Creams, or whatever) and get the best results. I was not a fan of its peculiar and intense smell in the beginning, but now I don’t feel any pungent odor. Maybe, I have grown accustomed to its unique smell, or I just don’t care anymore. Its texture is really smooth. It does not need a lot of pumps to create a foam; even with my thick layer of makeup, it took only two pumps to do the work. The bottle is very convenient to use.
Price: 100 ml bottle is priced, at the time of writing the review, at 349/-  on Amazon.in. Purchase link is at the bottom.
To summarize, and also for my no-nonsense, get to the point, divas, here are the top three reasons to absolutely try this product:

  1. For Environment Caring Ladies – You would love to use it because it is Organic, Cruelty-Free (this is my absolute favorite thing about it), and Vegan.
  2. For High on Makeup Gals – Just two pumps of this product can remove even the wildest makeup. Yes, waterproof products included!
  3. For Skin Care Fanatics – Your skin’s happiness would be evident by the level of brightness that it would gain after using Skin Salad’s miracle worker Charcoal Face Cleanser for just one week.

Check it out on Amazon.in

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Minakshi says:

    Wow, awesome. Definitely will give it a try

    1. You would not regret it ❤️

  2. I’ve recently started using charcoal toothpaste and it’s been working out great for me. Definitely going to try this as well! 🙂

  3. Niki Wyre says:

    I have wondered how it worked but wasn’t sure about making leap before. Thank you for your review!

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