Malice Intent – Is Love Worth Dying For? by Alba Castillo #BookReview

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There is nothing worse than being alone. Is there? After reading the memoir of Alba Castillo, I know there is something way worse than being alone; being in a relationship and still feeling lonely, used, disrespected, and rejected wins the oscar of being in the worst situation ever. The author has presented the unfiltered truth of her life in her autobiography Malice Intent – Is Love Worth Dying For? Alba Castillo was born in a place where the future of women was predecided by the society; they were to get married and raise a family — nothing less and nothing more. However, she rebelled against the norm and created her own destiny. Although writing her own destiny and all sounds extremely fascinating, her life remained anything but. She became a single parent very early in her life and the men with whom she considered herself to be in a relationship used her for their own selfish reasons. In her tendency to give people more chances than they deserve, she ended up losing everything she had. At the time when she was diagnosed with cancer, she found herself driving to and from her multiple appointments all alone even though she was in a years-long relationship with a man at the time. How can someone be in a committed relationship, living with their partner and yet remain a single parent? You would know the answer once you read this heart-breaking memoir.


Malilce Intent
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Having read Malice Intent – Is Love Worth Dying For, I know one thing with utmost certainty: Alba Castillo is a fighter. She is a mother who never allowed her monetary problems stand to become an obstacle in doing the right thing for her kids. Her circumstances did not permit her to grant each of their wishes, but despite everything standing in her way, she ensured that her kids get what’s most important in life. It’s tragically funny how love worked both in favor and against her. The love that she felt for her children kept her fighting and in survival mode at all times. At the same time, however, the love she felt towards her partner shattered her heart and destroyed her life. The author has no malice intent behind writing this book. The only thing that she expects to achieve by revealing every fact, no matter how dark, is to convey to the readers that it’s best to wrap up an abusive relationship as soon as you notice a red flag. Do not be blind in love and try not to suffer in silence. The moment you realize that your partner is not respectful towards you or is manipulative or in any way abusive to you, take the exit.

Other than highlighting the impact of an abusive relationship on a person’s heart, will, and life, the author has tried to inject faith in her readers. No matter how hard the circumstances are, if you have faith and determination, help would come and you would survive. When giving up is not an option, prepare your mind for a battle where losing is not an option. I have learned a lot from her life and her endless trepidation. Whether you are a fighter or a crybaby, you would definitely learn a lot from her life. I would encourage every reader to read Malice Intent with an open mind, celebrate the strong lady that Alba Castillo is, and quit suffering in an abusive relationship.

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