I Wanted that Spark by Brandie Lion #BookReview

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I Wanted that Spark by Brandie Lion is a short read about a woman named Lauren and her search for “that” spark. Ever since her parents died in a car accident, she lives alone in a beautiful house by the beach in Texas. At the age of 25, she is still not aware of her sexual preference. She lived all her life thinking that she was straight. But one day, she realizes she is a lesbian. Irrespective of her sexual orientation, she has been devoid of a relationship that would make her lose all her senses. She enters the world of online dating and comes across several people but one after another, only disappointments visit her lonely life. She is not willing to settle with just anyone and is determined to find a spark that would never burn out. However, with each hopeless relationship, she begins to lose her confidence.

I Wanted That Spark is a very quick read. I finished it in a matter of two hours. Nevertheless, my interest in finding whether Lauren would find a person that would make her go weak in the knees never diminished. With an undeterred eagerness, I wanted to know who that person would be and how she would meet her. The author has not created a lot of drama around Lauren being a lesbian. She came out of the closet with just a little bit of hesitation and accepted her sexuality without a lot of fuss. Her conversations with her sister, however, seemed really animated. Thankfully, this is my only concern with the book. Rest of the narration and story-telling is very intriguing. This book would make you wonder how long you would remain alone in the search of that spark.

This book is a perfect fit for the readers who want a quick read with not a lot of drama. Regardless of the missing drama, the story of I Wanted That Spark would keep you interested throughout the read.

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