Make a Wish and Universe Would Play a Genie

My fascination with the programs depicting magic has been since my early childhood. I grew up watching Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie. Then, Sabrina The Teenage Witch joined the club followed by Wizards of Waverly Place and many others. All these series left me wishing for a genie of my own. I was so smitten that several times I actually tried my own non-existent magical powers. I would stare at the tv, hoping to turn it on by using my “magic.” Of course, nothing happened 🙁

Anyway, I almost lost faith in the whole concept until I came across The Secret. This is a book that instilled my decaying trust in the universe. I wouldn’t say I was supremely and hopelessly negative, but I was close to being a pessimist at the very least. I know I am sounding like a salesperson attempting to make a commission off my sale, but believe me, I am not trying to make any such attempt. I am just sharing my honest opinion because it really moved me. I became a believer.

Without going into the details, I would only mention that The Secret insists that the universe is a genie who grants all our wishes. There is no constraint on the number of wishes each person can ask for. We all have limitless wishes. The only condition is for us to believe that the universe is working on it. You cannot set a deadline on the fulfillment date; the only thing you can do is to ask, believe, and accept. Do not doubt the intentions of your genie even for a second because once you start doubting, the universe would give you more reasons to doubt.


This genie is unlike any other. He/she, whichever personification makes you more comfortable, does not understand the words of negation. So if you are thinking that you should NOT be late today, all it would hear is that your desire to be late and it would deliver your wish with all its might. The key, therefore, is to be positive and that is what The Secret is all about. It would teach you to be positive, to believe, and to be happy.

If I have to name a day as the turning point of my life, it would definitely be the day I allowed The Secret to change my attitude towards life. I just hope that I would not forget to be positive, grateful, and of course devoid of every negative energy. Check out the review of The Secret if you wish to read more about this life-changing genie.

This post is in response to the prompt of the day: Genie.

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is wonderful.

    1. Thanks ❤️

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