The Secret by Rhonda Byrne #BookReview

The Secret is a positivity power pack that, if read with utmost focus, can instill anybody’s lost faith in the world. By defining the law of attraction as a simple concept that says whatever you think you attract, the author has tried to push her readers towards thinking positive all the time. According to the author, and supported by many famous personalities, the universe is like a genie who is ready to give us whatever we wish for. Sounds like a far-fetched idea — doesn’t it?


Any person with a practical mind would question this philosophy at first. Of course, everybody wants success, money, and happiness, then why doesn’t this generous universe bless them all? Well, according to the author, there is a catch. If you want something, you must not only ask but also believe that you would get it. In fact, accept this truth and start living as if your wish has been granted. If there is even a shred of doubt in your heart, the universe would give you more doubt. If you are always worrying about money, then you would get even more reasons to worry about your finances. You must ask, believe, and accept.


In order to get everything my heart desires, I must ensure that I am thinking all the right thoughts. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to monitor our numerous thoughts every second of our day. There is a solution, according to the author, to this problem. Our thoughts produce feelings. When we are having joyous thoughts, we feel good. So, our aim is to always feel good. Whenever we feel low, we must immediately turn to our happy list. Make a list of things/activities that make you feel upbeat and use it any time you are feeling down. Meditation is another key element that is essential to keep a check on our thoughts.


The Secret is written in a style that would push you toward positivity by sharing the examples of famous people, real-life stories of people who experienced a change in their lives by implementing the law of attraction, and powerful words. For this book to work, however, you must have an open mind. The first time I attempted reading this book, I fell asleep because everything seemed repetitive. But, when I re-read this book with an attention to learn “The Secret,” I was really impressed. I don’t know whether the concepts really work or not, but what I do know is the fact that I wouldn’t lose anything by being positive in life.


For the readers who love reading motivational books, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne would prove to be a perfect addition to their bookshelves.


6 thoughts on “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne #BookReview

    1. I know..right? I try to put its theories into practice. It’s not easy because our brains have the tendency to be super logical and everything doesn’t sit well with them. However, I remind myself to have faith in the universe.

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