#BookReview: Because It Was Raining by Skyler Worley

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.


Because It Was Raining by Skyler Worley bares open the mindset of a drug-infused brain. Louis, in his high on drugs state, is reflecting on his emotions, fear, and life — in general. Against all his better judgment, he agrees to accompany his friend, Boobe, and her friend, Nikki, on an unknown venture. Nikki is a girl who has a very philosophical viewpoint in life. Anyway, Louis soon finds out why the little voice in her head was asking him to decline Boobe’s offer of joining her in her quest.

The musings of Louis would force the readers to question their own unanswered deep questions or feelings. If we are tied too strongly to our past then it would be near impossible to create a future. Louis, the name by which he introduced himself to Nikki, is sacrificing his future due to certain guilt, fear, shame, and other factors. He has found bliss in his foggy existence and is not willing to move on. When you are too high to care, nothing would/should bother you. However, his brain wanders and in its wandering, he figures out the real way to live a life.

Although it is a very short story, the skilled writing of the author has brought its characters to life. Without even revealing too much about the cast of the story, Skyler Worley managed to make me connect with each person of the plot. I could feel what they were feeling. Their intoxicated state was communicated very clearly, yet their worries did not fail to make the necessary impact. Louis’ description of depression touched me and forced me to understand how difficult is the life of a depressed person.


I long to know as much as I can about the protagonist and that craving remained a craving while reading Because It Was Raining. That is the only reason why I am not awarding the book with a 5-star rating. Nevertheless, there is so much to learn in this short read that I could not help but speculate on so many aspects of life. For instance, the fact that we can’t wait to reach the end point called death, but what is the guarantee that the life beyond that endpoint is any less hellish? I would recommend this book to the readers who like reading short stories that impart profound wisdom.

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