Sex And The City Serves Them All

I am crazy in love with the tv series, Sex and The City. I have been following it for years. Courtesy AXN HD, I still get to watch it every night from 11PM IST to around midnight. Besides an open and realistic discussion about all aspects of relationships, this series is rich in fashion and style. The styling team has left no stone unturned in ensuring that there is something for every gal.

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For Sophisticated Ladies

If you are a girl who is comfortable in classy and sophisticated attire, then you must check out Charlotte York’s looks. While watching Sex and the City, keep your camera ready to capture some of the best elegant looks of our believer Charlotte.

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For the “All-Business” Gals

Miranda Hobbes’ character is a career-oriented woman who knows what she wants. She is driven and dresses the part. Her stylists have done a fabulous job of creating formal outfit ideas that could help every determined and focused woman. Miranda knows her business.

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For the Women who are not Afraid to Wear their Fantasies

Everybody has fantasies. While most of us like to keep our sexual preferences in a closet, Samantha Jones literally put hers in the closet. She is a sexually active lady who does not believe in relationships. Even when her character is shown in her forties and fifties, her wardrobe remained far from being boring. If you are a woman who is not afraid to show skin — in a classy yet provocative style — then Samantha Jones is the lady of the hour.

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For the Fashion-Forward Ladies

It’s amazing to me how SATC showcased those fashion staples that are being advertised on Insta now. Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits were always a breath of fresh air. Her stylists really deserve a standing ovation because they not only predicted the future fashion but also styled them so beautifully on our ever-mesmerizing Carrie.

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However, before you think that you have everybody’s style figured out, the clever stylists of SATC would confuse you by giving Samantha the most sophisticated formal look, Miranda the hottest appearance, Charlotte a daring outfit and Carrie a simple attire.
So, here you go. SATC has always been my go-to destination for a diversity of relationship troubles’ documentation, friendship goals, fun times, and — of course — fashion advice. The title has “sex” in it but it is much more than that.

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