#Book Review: Demon Ember (Resurrection Chronicles Book One) by M.J. Haag, Becca Vincenza

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

In Demon Ember, the first book in Resurrection Chronicles Series, the authors — M.J. Haag, Becca Vincenza — put forth their version of a world dealing with near apocalypse situation. Mya and her roommate (Kristin) are having a typical college day when the news of tremors in Germany becomes the major highlight. Before anybody could understand the severity of the situation, same tremors begin causing terror in the US as well. Their trepidation is increased by sudden appearances of people with severed bodies and weird gait. The problems quickly turned into a chaos where everyone is terrified and clueless. While escaping the undead and dangerous beasts whose bites are converting normal humans into infected ones (undead), Mya runs straight into a creature so strange that no words could define him aptly. She only wants to reunite with her family, but this creature, who calls himself Drav, has found a strange obsession with her. Mya is not sure how much she can rely on Drav and how would he react when they will find her family. Nevertheless, if she wants to survive, Drav might be her only chance at survival.

The authors have managed to write a story that keeps their readers on the edge of their seats throughout the book. I was hooked right from the beginning and completely connected with the characters. Their trepidation is communicated very effectively. I could feel Mya’s concern about her family’s well-being and her distrust toward Drav. The execution of the action scenes is so perfect that I found my heartbeats in sync with the characters that were involved in their respective acts. The conversations and situations are kept as close to the reality as possible. Mya was thinking the same things that popped into my head and so I found myself very much in harmony with her. Needless to say, she is my favorite character. Although she is in a fatal situation, she is not afraid to voice her opinion wherever required. She has a clear vision of right and wrong and is portrayed as a wonderful girl.

The book has landed — and, dare I say, exceeded — all my expectations. I am not a fan of action, violence or apocalypse; however, the authors’ presentation and execution amazed me. I, as a reader, found myself perfectly synchronized with the characters and the plot. I could not wait to know the climax, yet did not feel the need to rush my reading because the development (and therefore the reading journey) was so intriguing and engulfing.

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