Book Review: I Am . . . Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God by Adriene Law

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I Am . . . Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God by Adriene Law is a book that has the potential to help many downtrodden people awaken their faith in the Almighty. The author hints about the bad things that had happened to her in the past and how lost she felt during those times. She had been carrying heavy baggage of fear, anger, insecurities, etc until she found her way to the Lord. Only when she realized that her life had a unique purpose and that He knew what that purpose was, she felt a sense of freedom. When she devoted herself completely to Jesus Christ, she could emerge from her self-created prison. The past has a way of leaving scars on our bodies and souls and, mostly, we let these scars define the person that we will become. The author notes and confesses that she, too, allowed her past troubles, miseries, and pain define her future, but that pushed her further into the pit of despair. However, when she accepted God as her savior and trusted Him with all she had, she discovered that she, as God’s creation, is amazing.

Like all of us, she made mistakes and, as she mentions, some of those mistakes were so horrible that she could not imagine how anyone could ever forgive her. Nevertheless, when she joined hands with God, she realized that her Lord had forgiven all her bad decisions and mistakes, and that He had accepted her with all her virtues and sins. The author truly agrees with the saying: “Faith can move mountains.” She writes that if you have an unwavering faith in God, then you will definitely find real peace and joy. I am moved by many of her words, but my favorite part is where she points out that we think of the world as a source of joy, whereas we should be the ones who bring joy to the world. It really makes sense and shows the wisdom of the author.

Adriene Law has borrowed many quotes from the Bible to bring home the knowledge that she wishes to share with her readers and they made an impact on me. I found myself looking forward to reading these words of wisdom of the Bible at the end of each chapter. I am not a Christian, but these words really resonated with my beliefs. The author has done an incredible job of describing what happens when you accept the Lord into your heart, learn to really forgive others, trust His decisions, hold His hand and follow Him with an unwavering faith, and believe that He can deliver your prayers. If the author had shared a few anecdotes and made it a little bit more personal, then it would have been a good read for a variety of readers. Having said that, I truly believe that hurt souls would find a direction by reading this book and the people who already have faith in their hearts would really connect with the author and her beautiful creation.

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