#UrbanClap Review

I’m a proud member of that particular kind of species who wants to get many things done but doesn’t wish to move — excuse my language — its butt. So, apps like Urban Clap are boons to me. Getting almost every service at the comfort of your house doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me; however, there are always some constraints that hold most of us back from trying such services:

  • Would the person delivering the service be trustworthy?
  • Would they use authentic products?
  • Would they be punctual?
  • Would they be professional?
  • Is there a risk of them canceling at the last minute?

    Inspite of all these doubts banging on my head continuously, I decided to give Urban Clap a try. Well, laziness trumps it all! I booked a salon service package that consisted of waxing, facial, and pedicure, selected the suitable date & time, and paid online. I received the confirmation from Urban Clap with the assurance that they would text me the name and no.of the beautician as soon as one is assigned to me. 
    They kept their promise and D day arrived along with a call from the beautician. She confirmed the address and told me that she would reach my home on time. She arrived home carrying a really big backpack on her back and holding another black bag. She was dressed in black apron on top of everything else that she wore. Her manners exuded professionalism. She was really polite and respectful. 
    The moment I told her where to setup her stuff, she got right down to it. She showed me the products and explained what each of those products would be used for. The best part about this experience was how comfortable I felt in her presence. She did a splendid job and I knew right there that I would be booking through Urban Clap again for sure. And I really did. 
    Here are the benefits of Urban Clap for other lazy bums like me who do not wish to read through all my rantings to figure out its benefits:

    • They assign really professional beauticians
    • Beauticians use authentic products
    • The beauticians are polite and professional
    • The beauticians explain everything that they do
    • The beautician takes care of cleaniless : they cover your bedsheet so as to eliminate the risk of accidentally dropping cream, wax, or powder on it.
    • The Urban Clap ensures that we are not worried about service being on track 
    • We receive automated messages to remind us of the services.
    • The whole experience is extremely hassle-free.
    • Cancellation is extremely easy and the money refunds almost instantly

    Scope of improvement:

    • More salon services could be included, like upper lip waxine feature 
    • Hair spa service could improve. Right now it’s only massage with certain creams
    • Currently, there is no package that includes bikini waxing. 
    • Services are a bit on the expensive side

    Overall, if you pay the money on Urban Clap, you would definitely get the service worth the bucks. Meanwhile, you can use my referral code and we can both get some monetary advantage. Here it is:

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