Winter Fashion Must Haves

Being a stylish diva is, according to me, easier in summers than in winters. Mainly, because in winters, I have to choose between being numb with cold or being warm without being able to experiment as much as I can in Summers. This theory, I’ve realized is not necessarily true if you have the right tools (or should I say, accessories).

  • Fur Gloves (with & without fingers) – These are definitely on my top list. No matter what u wear, these tend to go very well with the outfit. With long gloves, u can even wear those dresses and tops which do not have long sleeves. I have a pair of fingerless gloves that have fur just where our fingers begin. Here is the pic:

  • Woollen Pantyhose – Grab these winter magic makers in all the colors that might look good with your dresses and skirts. People wear these with shorts as well but I am not too fond of that look. You might try if you like. It’s totally up to you. I wore skin colored pantyhose with the dress that’s in the above picture. Let me share the complete look (minus the Blazer — as it got hot in the club — no pun intended).

  • Jackets & Blazers – These are not only necessities, but the perfect accessories to beautify any look. Whether you are sporting a dress or fashioning a workwear, these add incredible style to the look. For casual look, denim jackets are perfect. (Checkout the featured image).
  • Boots – I can’t insist the value of boots enough. Different styles of boots work with different attires and different looks add a freshness every day. I love the look of shorts with thigh-high boots than that with the pantyhose. Obviously, it’s my personal choice. Your choice might differ.
  • Winter caps are also an awesome choice to be added in the winter accessories list. 

So, there it is! My winter-accessory list. What’s on your list? I’d love to know.

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