Oh Crop!

Have you ever bought a trending item that you could’nt use later? I’m sure a lot of you are guilty of buying something and then not using it. Anyway, I’ve a wine color velvet crop top that I had bought from Shein. I was super excited about its rich color and beautiful fabric; however, the length of the top is no longer than that of a typical sports bra. I visualized it with almost everything and realized I’ve one of two options: buy a super high waist jegging/jeans or try every possible bottomwear of my closet until something makes sense.
Hence started the longest dilemma of all time. I explored many online shopping websites but a feeble voice from inside of me kept urging me to go with the second option and see how it goes. Finally, I started throwing on every bottom wear. Some made sense while others were a complete waste of time. The item that it made the most sense was a long skirt. I knew right then it would look the best with this skirt for sure, but “the look” looked far from complete. Instead of losing heart, I decided to try a few accessories and then decide. 
And wait for it “oops! I did it again” and voilà ! A perfect look was created. Here is a close-up at the accessories:

And some more pictures:

There is nothing better than creating a perfect look with something that you had declared useless. Have you ever been in such a situation? What was it and what did you come up with? I’m eager to know!

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