#MyExperience with #ExperienceSaga

Are you one of those people who get super excited as any occasion approaches? I’m the biggest occasion-nerd. No matter what the occasion, I always want to celebrate it. So, this time when an important occasion was about to make its appearance, I tuned to the omniscient, Google. As always it came up with many options to plan a surprise, but my top choices were either CherishX or ExperienceSaga.
I had tried CherishX last time. I liked their service but I didn’t want to go for it again. I have my reasons. Well, that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I went with Experience Saga. They do not have an app and that’s an area that they can work on. They have many options to plan surprises for your loved ones: deliver surprise gifts, decorate your house and surprise your unaware partner/friend when they arrive, book a dinner/lunch at various options (candlelight, decorated table, poolside, Cabana theme, etc.). 
There are options for you to book a candlelight dinner with overnight stay at luxury hotels. You can book jaguar and such cars for one day with a chauffer and take your love for a spin around town. Of course, price varies with these options. Whatever suits your pocket, you can go with that.
I was confused between two options and left a query on their website. On submitting my query, I got the message that their team would connect with me on a short while. The wait wasn’t as short as I would have liked (I’m an inpatient person and that’s not their fault), so I called them myself. The person who replied was very helpful. She understood my needs, suggested some incredible options within my budget, and got back with the best choice for me. The payment process went smooth and she confirmed the availability before I made the payment. 
I booked poolside dinner at Vivanta by Taj with overnight stay option. It costed me around 13K+. On arriving at the hotel, the receptionist told me that she doesn’t see overnight stay option in the booking made under my name. Thankfully, I had saved the booking id that I had received from Experience Saga. After I told him the booking id, this glitch surpassed. Then everything went smoothly.

Taj is a 5 star property so there’s no need to explain their hospitality. We had a private butler assigned to us for the entire 5 course dinner. Decoration was nothing extraordinary but it was classy. It was a candlelight dinner so they should have dimmed the lights voluntarily but that wasn’t the case. When I raised this concern to the Experience Saga team later, they told me that I should have asked the butler to get the lights dimmed. Water under the bridge because everything else went perfectly.

A few suggestions if you are booking with Experience Saga:

  • Keep in touch with Experience Saga representative to ensure that you have everything that you need.
  • Get the booking id if you have opted for an overnight stay.
  • Make sure that you have contact details of the person with whom you can connect on reaching the hotel.

That’s all! Let me know which site you rely for planning a surprise. À bientôt 💌

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