Book Review: 3 American Cranks – A Satire in Three Voices by R.L.Feliciello

Will the satire lovers please stand up? Now that you’ve stood up, you should run to the stores (or simply access your kindle accounts) to grab 3 American Cranks – A Satire in Three Voices by R.L.Feliciello. The book is bathed in the satirical humor throughout the read. As the title suggests, there are three voices that have contributed to the content of this book. The first voice is of D.C. Washington, who is mocking the “muddled” class among other things. The second voice is a man, who is eager to have his first sexual experience with a woman. The third voice is a woman who is tired of society’s prejudices against a woman. These voices are truly entertaining and thought-provoking.

In the beginning (before realizing that there were three voices narrating), I was totally confused. I couldn’t understand when was a man talking and when did the man start talking from a lady’s perspective. However, the moment I realized there were three voices, I hit my head for being so slow in realizing the obvious (“3” is in the title itself and three voices are mentioned right there in the subtitle) and started enjoying the book. Each viewpoint is filled with satirical gold. While the sexual thoughts of the man (second voice mentioned in the first paragraph) are purely sexual and humorous, thoughts of D.C. Washington and the lady are extremely philosophical and thought-provoking. The latter two voices would force you to think about the world and everything that goes with it. Technically, there is a fourth voice as well: the voice of the lady’s landlady.

Although D.C. Washington’s musings have traces of racism, those are nevertheless very stimulating. The endless race of “Muddled” class towards unattainable luxuries of life is identifiable at the very least. The lady and her perspective of the world are extremely relatable. The author has done an incredible job of writing this piece of satire. It would force you to think, laugh, and expand your vision. Being a satire lover, I am delighted to have picked up 3 American Cranks – A Satire in Three Voices by R.L.Feliciello. I loved every moment that I spent thinking with it.

If you enjoyed reading this review and can’t get enough of 3 American Cranks, then I have a special treat for you. Check out the interview with the incredible author of this book by clicking here.

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