When #Runway Calls..

It was just an ordinary day when I was browsing FB and tagging my frns on some hilarious posts (oh, they were hilarious — I’ve an awesome sense of humor) and then something changed my mood from being funny to excited. It was an event post about India Runway Week at Dlf Place, Saket. I knew right away that I had to be there. 
I couldn’t sleep well until the day arrived to attend my first ever runway show. After changing and recharging a few outfits, I was finally dressed to rock. Here is the look that I opted to wear on my big day 😉 

I opted to check out the collection of Miku Kumar and Sudhir Nayak. I’m glad with the choice that I made. While the collection of Sudhir Nayak, Paksh, was adorned with excellent fusion of Indian humility and Western style, the collection of Miku Kumar flaunted proper ethnic beads and glitters in all its glory. Both the collections were filled with beauty, style, creativity, and elegance. Follow my Instagram page @stalktalkfashion to check out the fashion videos that would definitely rock your world 🙂 Here are a few pictures to spark your interest.

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