Zip lining Ready!

Last week, I planned a road trip to Neemrana Palace with the girls. This is my first girls-only road trip. Anyway, we booked zip lining tickets online to add a pinch of adventure into our trip. Flying fox has an online website from where we can book zip lining. The benefit with this booking is that you get a free entry to the palace otherwise there is an entry ticket for visiting the palace. While we are on the topic of flying fox, I must point out that their staff was super cool and supportive. They motivated us but did not push us, neither literally nor figuratively 😀 I would highly recommend everyone to try their hands — and bodies and minds — at zip lining.
None of us had ever done zip lining so we were all pretty scared. Moreover, we were confused as to what to wear. Now that I’ve done the activity, I can tell what’s comfortable and practical for it. A sports bra is a must. I clubbed it with a tank top and a pair of ripped jeans. To ensure that the jeans stays on my waist and does not fall to the ground while I’m hanging by the thread (wire, obviously 😉 ), I strapped a leather belt really tight on my jeans. This proved to be an almost perfect outfit for this activity. I could have gone with shorts instead of denims but the scorching heat of Rajasthan would have burnt my skin. Here is the look:

Tell me, what goes into your head when you are getting ready for some adventure!

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