Book Review: Making Arrangements by Ferris Robinson

Life is as uncertain as the mood swings of a cat (that’s the best comparison I could think of) and this fact is the very foundation of Making Arrangements by Ferris Robinson. Lang has been preparing for her death since the day her doctor informed her that she has no more than a year to live. She has started writing letters to her husband, Jack, for every occasion such as his birthday, Christmas, etc. Little does she know that Jack, who never had any health problems, would die before her. She is not ready for this calamity, but when is anybody ready for life’s unpredictable games? As she begins contemplating ways to survive the loss of her husband, she comes across a shocking revelation that Jack had hidden from her. This betrayal has shaken her up very badly; she has begun reassessing Jack’s love for her. Her son, Teddy, on the other hand, is pushing her to do something that she can never even imagine to do. As if these problems are not enough, she is getting very strange vibes from Teddy’s girlfriend, Sarah. Teddy and Sarah have a daughter, Katie D. Lang does not seem to understand why Sarah keeps turning down the proposal of marriage from Teddy. Moreover, Sarah does not spend any time with Lang and behaves very awkwardly around her.

This is a story about a human’s survival when he/she has lost the love of their life. Lang never imagined her life would turn this way. While she was preparing to bid adieu to this life, she never strategized a backup plan that would work if she survived. This is where life threw the toughest curve ball towards her and took away her husband. She could not turn anywhere for comfort since her own son was far from being compassionate and was pushing her to sell her beloved home. She could have surrendered and taken an easy road, but she did not. Lang weighed her options and kept pushing to get what she felt right.

Making Arrangements moves at a steady pace. The author did not rush the story and spent enough time to really cover all possible aspects of Lang’s life. Lang is not just a fictional character; she lives inside every single one of us. Her story is relatable and problems are genuine. There are a few dramatic twists but those only added a flavor to the plot. Of course, if you are looking for a spicy book, this is not it. To me, the story seemed a little bland at times, but those were very few moments.

This is a book to be read in sunny afternoons when you just wish to read a relaxing story that is free from the hustle and bustle of life and yet reflects greatly on every aspect of it.


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