The Red Lady

When I am looking for a look which resonates with the idea of #dresstokill, I always go for red color. In my opinion, if any color can make you stand out (sometimes not in a good way, as well), it’s undoubtedly red color: be it red dress, red lips, and sometimes red eye ;). Jokes apart, red color never fails to get it’s beholder (or wearer) into the spotlight. 
Last weekend, I was in mood to get a celeb-moment and so I turned to my most trusted color – red. I had my eyes on a red dress of similar style in Forever New since a long time, but it’s worth 10k. I didn’t wish to spend that much unless it was an “extravagance worthy” occasion. That occasion never seemed to come. We’ll, to tell the truth, many occasions came and went but I never stopped to save enough money to rescue my dream dress from its dungeon-like aisles (just being poetic: aisles of forever new are far from dungeon like). So, it stayed there waiting for me to be its princess in shining armor.
Fortunately, I found an almost replica of the dress at Shein. It fitted right into my budget and I feel so blessed to have found it. Here is the dress:

While styling it, I went with the classic gold and red combination by wearing golden earrings and neckpiece. I could have gone with black heels but I found beige block heels really brought the whole look together.
Let me know what you think about the look.

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  1. Richa says:

    Absolutely loved it!

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