Are We Dancing to the Tunes of Luck? #FridayReflections

Before we indulge in a thought-provoking conversation about destiny and other complicated topics, I would like to clarify that I am not a philosopher. I might pretend to be one every now and then, but I have not studied philosophy. Whatever I feel, I write it down and share with the world. I believe the heart and the soul know the truth; it’s up to us to really think about something, dig deep, and the answers will come to us. See, philosophy comes easily to me 😉

There is no denying that we can’t control everything in life. Does it mean we control rest of the things? Or is it just an illusion? A lot has been said about free will, but do we really have a free will? When I was in the third year of my college, I was preparing for campus placement. A campus placement means a program in which recruiters approach the colleges to offer jobs to the students — of course, after multiple rounds of interview. When I was in my home for holidays, I heard that Wipro is coming to our campus for placement. I did not wish to leave for the college before my holidays were over, but there was nothing I could do. I needed the job. I talked to the friend who was in the same city as mine, booked the tickets, packed my bags, and reached the station with her and our families to catch our train. I was absolutely fine until the train’s arrival was announced. The moment the train stopped at the station for the passengers to start boarding, I fainted. I don’t remember what happened next, but when I opened my eyes, the train and my friend were not there. She had boarded the train and my parents had to take me back home. Luck or coincidence? This was definitely not a case of free will. Interestingly enough, I never fainted after that incident — at least until now.

Sometimes I wonder do we really have a say in anything or we are being tricked into thinking that we do. Perhaps everything is already written, and we are only following the script. However, if there is no free will then why do some people perform such heinous acts of insanity? Could our creator be in the mood for some violence while writing those acts in the scripts of these criminals? I have two theories regarding this subject.

Theory.1. Our creator is full of love and compassion, but his enemy, the devil, is devoid of good emotions. The devil finds pleasure in violence and hatred. He has his minions at work. These minions steal as many scripts as they can for the devil. He, then, adds the chapters of cruelty in these stolen scripts.

For this theory to be true, we would have to assume that our creator is omniscient with the exception of the devil’s deeds. He cannot see what devil does. There is a flaw in this theory. If our creator is always observing our lives, wouldn’t the acts of violence, which were not in any of the original scripts, raise a suspicion?

Theory.2. The devil roams freely on earth, but he cannot act unless he gets a host in which he can reside. He is not one single entity; therefore, he can exist in many hosts at any given point. A human may become a host when his script consists of a tough chapter. Our creator includes complications in our script to test our faith and teach us certain valuable lessons. However, we, being humans, do not always understand it. So, when life gets challenging, some of us surrender ourselves to negativity. This is a phase where a human is in the weakest state. The moment the devil senses weakness in any human, he tries to reside inside of him. That’s where the soul and the devil coexist in the body. If the roots of faith our deep in the host, then he/she might be able to regain the control and throw the devil out of their system; if not, then the host ends up straying from their script.

The assumption of this theory is that the creator’s script cannot be implemented as long as the devil resides in the host. Once the human gets rid of his/her negativity, the devil has to leave his/her body, and the script comes back to life.

There are many moments in my life when I get stuck in “What If” quiz. What if I had chosen a different college? What if I had not married so early? What if I had opted for a different career? This “What if” marathon never really helps anyone. It just makes us sulk and blame ourselves or others for the life that we are living. Whether we are dancing to the tunes of luck or not, isn’t it better to simply learn from our past and move on? Easier said than done, right?

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  1. I liked theory 2 🙂 You have a lot of imagination. Whatever the real theory is, it is better to learn from mistakes and move on.

  2. Interesting theories, Ankita. I’ve often wondered why I have got away from the consequences of bad choices relatively unscathed, while others haven’t had it so good. I wouldn’t like to give luck so much credit, but I’m still confused…

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