A Bowling Game Fashion Crisis Averted ;)

Every time, I have somewhere to go, my head immediately goes to my wardrobe. What would I wear? Is my new dress practical for this occasion? Is it too revealing for this particular event? Blah. Blah. Blah.
Last weekend, I planned to go for a game of bowling with my cousin and my hubby. As the game of bowling involves bending, I wanted to make sure that I do not end up entertaining everyone by something other than my gaming talent 😉 Hence, started a long round of contemplation.

  1. How about a pair of denim shorts, a top, socks, and shoes? Okay, that might work with a bodysuit style top. That way, no matter how much I bend, I would not flash anything. However, my denim shorts do not fit me very well in the waist area; thanks to my beer belly 🙁 I must do something about my beer belly. Perhaps, I’ll start exercising from tomorrow. That would take a long time, and the bowling game is this weekend. Why did I let myself go crazy on beer? Well, this is a problem for another time. 
  2. A dungaree might work. Oh yes! definitely. It would work like a charm. The bib and the straps would make sure that I don’t flash. But which top would look good with it. How about a crop top? My cousin might not feel very comfortable with me wearing a crop top. Maybe I would throw a shirt on top of the crop top. Let’s try it. Trying one crop top after another. Finally, decided on a black crop top with a sweetheart neckline. I love this top. Threw dungaree on top of it. Yay! looks cool. Added a white shirt on top of the whole attire. Nah! This won’t do. Let’s drop the idea of the crop top and grab a top with full sleeves. Voila! This one looks awesome.

That’s how this look was created. Let me know what would you wear if you are going for a game of bowling with your family. Waiting to be inspired <3

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