Love Me or Hate Me, This is the Real Me! #FridayReflections

Although I don’t remember the source of this thought, but I have read somewhere that each soul is unique. God created each one of us with something unique; however, not all of us choose to embrace our uniqueness. We tend to exchange our unique traits for something that might seem amusing to others. Well, we all have done it at some point in our lives. For instance, when I look back at the years that I have lived so far, I remember that I had chosen to hide my real-self to impress a few people. Nevertheless, when they praised me for the traits that were not a part of my soul, I could not feel the kick of happiness that should please my heart. Those people, thinking these are my real qualities, loved me, but their love did not make me fly. I had read that love is supposed to send you to cloud-9, then why were my feet still on the ground and my heart on a lookout for someone else. Thankfully, I realized that real companionship comes only when you find someone who embraces the real you. But how can someone love the real you, when you are hiding behind a cloak of lies?

On the contrary, when someone hated me or argued with me because of what I really am, I knew that my soul would live in captivity if I chose to spend my time with this person. I remember, when my mom was searching for me a suitable guy to marry, everybody advised me to behave in an ideal woman way with the prospects. However, in the heart of my hearts, I knew that I am no ideal, simple, traditional girl. I do not believe in covering my face behind a veil or quitting alcohol to please my future family or having babies — for that matter. Therefore, my fake conversations with these “prospects” always left me empty. Although they loved this side of me, I knew this is not the way to start a new relationship. Above all, I knew that my heart would never be satisfied with the love that would force me to hide the true colors of my soul.

Having spent only a few years of my life, I have observed that this fact applies to all relationships. I am happier with the friend who loves me for my good qualities and rebukes me when they find my thought process too negative or conflicting with their own beliefs. However, in both the cases, they believe in real me. There are people who have hated me, but they do not bother me because I know that they, at least, hate me for who I am and not because of certain theory. Fortunately, the quantity of people who love the real me is greater than the haters. Even if this wasn’t the case, I would rather be hated for my true-being than be loved for who I am not.

Tell me, what do you think? Would you rather be loved for a fake version of yourself or be hated for being yourself? Reflect on the years that you have spent so far and share your thoughts. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the response of my lovely readers.

P.S. 1. This post is in response to the Friday Reflections prompt – “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” ― André Gide, Autumn Leaves

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2. Also, this has been a response to Finish the Sentence Friday prompt – “When I think about the years…” hosted by Kristi Rieger Campbell of



9 thoughts on “Love Me or Hate Me, This is the Real Me! #FridayReflections

  1. It never works out to present a fake persona because we can never keep it up without hating ourselves and others for this! I’m glad you chose to be true to yourself!


  2. The real you is always better…no matter how flawed! What’s the point if people like the fake us? We are never going to be happy about that.


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