Book Review: A Solitary Romance by Violet Sparks

Violet Sparks, in her romantic novel — A Solitary Romance, weaves a story around a woman who has been cheated by her husband and has lost trust in herself. Katrina Crimshaw comes out of an unfaithful relationship with her husband and begins focusing on her jewelry blog. In this blog, she uses her pen name, Violet Sparks, to hide her real identity from the world. Her love for jewelry is her everything; however, this passion is not what pays her bills. By profession, she is an auditor. As destiny would have it, she once again meets the “man of her dreams,” with whom she had worked briefly. This man goes by the name Robert LaSalla. Nevertheless, she chooses to ignore his presence in order to protect her own heart. She cannot, however, ignore the electricity that Robert’s presence creates all over her body. Instead of acting on it, she writes about “the man of her dreams” in her blog. Around this time, an opportunity knocks on her door when the director of Special Collections and Exhibits, Mr. Bernard Bronson, requests her inputs on an upcoming exhibition of a precious jewelry line. Although skeptic at first, she decides to give him a call. And this proves to be a turning point in her life.

Katrina’s love of jewelry is a major attraction in this book. When I read about the author, I realized that her own interest in the jewelry has resonated with the leading lady of A Solitary Romance. The plot is inspired from any ordinary life, and this is what makes it a believable one. Robert’s infatuation for Katrina seemed a little too much for me, and his way of showing his appreciation towards her did not particularly impress me. However, my own skeptic head might have been playing tricks on me, and of course, this opinion is highly subjective. For instance, when Robert begins touching Katrina’s necklace to appreciate its design and his breathing on her neck drove Kat out of her senses, I could not really relate to this scene. Well, this might have been because I never met a Robert LaSalla 😉

Anyway, I adore the character of Katrina. I believe many readers would be able to connect with her. Many of us are stuck in certain jobs which are not close to her hearts but pay the bills. To keep ourselves upbeat, we have resorted to expressing our true passion on our own blogs. Similarly, Katrina felt quite passionate about her blog, and her passion kept me connected to her character. One more attribute that made her real to me was the fact that, after being cheated by her partner, she decided to guard her heart by not falling for another hot guy. Isn’t it what most of us decide to do after losing our trust? Her tendency to defend herself with whatever she had is another admirable quality. Whenever she faced an inappropriate comment from her boss, she was always ready with a comeback and that attribute deserves respect.

One very important aspect that the author has touched in the book is the importance of drinking plenty of water. Although we all it’s important to drink enough water, how many of us truly follow this healthy habit? Katrina faced severe consequences by keeping her body less hydrated. Another thing that the author has beautifully highlighted is the need of an excellent girlfriend in every girl’s life. Girlfriends are a blessing in many ways, but most important attribute is their sense of style. They know when you need a new accessory and when your wardrobe needs a makeover. No matter how fashion ignorant you are, if you have a girlfriend, you will know when to shop for what. This is the reason why I admired the character of Kiki, Katrina’s friend, a lot.

As every love story has a complication to delay the relationship from beginning, A Solitary Romance, too, has many complications. Some of them include: Katrina’s reluctance to start something new with a man as hot as Robert and Robert’s confusion in knowing whether Katrina is single or not. There are twists and turns in moderate amount and story moves smoothly for a major portion. Writing style of the author is narrative but, she did not overwhelm with petty details. For readers looking for a soft romantic fiction, A Solitary Romance is sure to please.

P.S. I have received this book from Books and The Bear in exchange for an honest review.

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