What Happened When I Challenged My Best Friend to Write a Short Story?

Who knew that a short story could be more than just a figment of imagination? They say that eyes are windows to the soul. I would, however, extend it to say that in some cases, a short story can be a ticket to a person’s heart. Well, without beating around the bush, let me share a beautiful story and memory that will help you understand where I’m coming from.

I, my sister — whom I consider my soul mate, and Adi are three best buds. As we work together in the same office, I and Adi spend most of our time together. An inseparable part of our nature is to challenge each other with certain fun tasks. Although I am a free-spirited girl, he is the one who completes each challenge like a sport. Once he suggested me to use a face wash for my temporary pimples’ problem, and I asked him to make an ad film using his face wash. He made me promise not to share that video with anyone ever, but, let me tell you, that video was amazing.

One day, he told me that in his school days, he had written a short story and won first prize for the same. Being a fan of creativity, I couldn’t resist asking him to write a short story. Last night, when he shared his short story with me, I realized that, to him, our friendship means more than sharing a few good times together. See for yourself,

A Dreamer with Lovely Dreams
It’s not new that I got another one of lovely dream again last night after boozing with few beers.It started with a change in my boring work life, I got an opportunity from a place where my only BESTY was recently shifted.I planned something to surprise her by just knocking at the door early morning.Although surprises did not work too well with her but this time I was pretty lucky.The craze in my eyes and smile on her face was the thing to cherish for always, the time we saw each other.After a few chit-chat, we made few exciting plans before lunch for upcoming weekends.My apartment was very near her house and we started catching up a lot reliving the fun times.It was going really great and, to spice things up, one my friend and her soul mate also got a job opportunity in our locality.The three of us planned a road trip to the Land of Beaches(GOA) their favorite place on new year eve. We had an epic vacation and awesome new year which included beers, booze , fun , masti and a lot of things that we obviously don’t remember. At last Goa craziness was about to end , we were on our way back and suddenly, we got a flat tire in the middle of the highway. It was pretty hot afternoon and, while both the pretty girls were busy clicking selfies & drinking beers , I was sweating out changing the tires. I was wiping my sweaty face in that beaming sun that it woke me up from this fabulous dream later realizing AC was off. It was such a lovely dream that I tried having itย again but such thingsย happen only once.I shared my dream with my BESTY and now I am waiting for her response on this.

His story blessed me with an insight into his heart. The fact that he takes our friendship seriously has not been a mystery to me, but his short story revealed that there is a beautiful depth to our companionship. The fun times that we spend obviously mean more to him than I would have ever anticipated. I am glad that I got to spend time withย such a dedicated friend. Whether we would remain in touch for a long time or not is for time to tell, but I know that we would cherish these times forever ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to know if any of my readers have come across such moments of realization with their friends? Waiting…

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  1. adivyablog says:


  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    that’s a sweet story… its a lovely feeling to realise how much a friend values your friendship and cares for you.

    1. Words can’t express how right you are!

  3. No, and I never would have thought of asking my best friend to write a short story. Relationships take so many different forms. And the part of his dream where the women were taking selfies while he did all the sweaty work changing the tire has a lesson in there somewhere.

    1. OMG! One might misunderstand his “changing tires while we’re taking selfies” with him painting a typical ladies’ image — and I’m glad that you pointed that out — but he’s only mocking my sister’s addiction of taking selfies and her tendency of dragging me around with her camera. There are times when she wouldn’t let anybody do any work because she’s in “selfiesh” mood ๐Ÿ˜‰ No lesson there!

  4. That’s a sweet story…..! True friends are a blessing indeed…..

    1. Well said! I’d rather have one true friend than a handful of fake ones.

  5. Parul Thakur says:

    Sweet! Always good to know there are friends for whom we are the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am already missing my college days…Gupshup, crazy things and friendship. Now, that’s a beautiful short story and urge him to develop it into a novel. Treasure such friendship for it is always special.

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