99 Things that Make Me Feel Alive! #FridayReflections

I am a magnet for work. When I take a break from my office, I think that I would actually “take a break,” but I end up taking up several assignments of my own to pass the time. Before you know it, I am up to my ears buried in these DIY projects. Anyways, this habit would not go without a war; however, this time, when I saw #FridayReflections prompt, I knew I have to make time for its prompt: Write a 99 Love List. Truthfully speaking, I am not sure if I can think of 99 things that I love, but I’ll take this challenge. Perhaps along the way, I’ll find new reasons to treasure my life. So, here it goes:

  1. God – I love him. I have issues with him, but that’s between me and him. Irrespective of all his funny games, I respect and cherish him.
  2. My Mom – She is a rockstar and my role model. There is nothing that she can’t do. She carries herself in a better way than I do, and she does not allow hardships to get the best of herself.
  3. My Dad – He is a man of few words, and he knows the value of family. My dad has devoted all his life to the welfare of his family and has always equipped us with the latest gadgets before we asked for (Needless to say, his gifts are not the only reason for my love for him).
  4. My Sister – She is a mischievous drama queen who knows how to add a little sunshine in even the gloomiest circumstances. I adore her.
  5. My Husband – It’s been only three years in our relationship, but I have learned the real meaning of love from him. He is the backbone of our marriage, and he knows the importance of showering a spouse with care, love, and undivided attention. Of course, he has his flaws that make me want to shout at him all day long, but these surface very rarely.
  6. My Kids (Pets) – I do not like calling my pets as “pets.” Instead, I call them my kids: Honey, Romeo (named because he was born on valentine’s day, cute right!), Mishty, Lily, Laddoo, and Burfi. Their selfless love acts as an eye opener on several occasions. They are innocent, loving, cute fur balls, and I could snuggle with them all my life.
  7. My Grandfather – He is not alive anymore, but his memories continue to feel me loved and blessed. I love him and miss him. I wish I could turn back the clock, and let him know that a life without him would be very tough.
  8. My Friends
  9. My Cousins
  10. Books
  11. My Blogs
  12. Writing
  13. French Language
  14. English Language
  15. My Keyboard — which I intend to learn one day
  16. Music
  17. My phone
  18. Hugs
  19. My Compassionate Heart
  20. My Shoes
  21. My Clothes
  22. Money in my bank account — not too much, but it serves the purpose
  23. Chilly Paneer — Love it. Can’t get enough of it!
  24. French Fries
  25. Veg Noodles that my mom makes
  26. My Laptop — Even though, lately it has been giving me a hard time
  27. Potato chips
  28. Green Chilly
  29. Rain
  30. Moon — I love how peaceful it makes me feel. I remember the quote from The Perfect Man, “It still comes out every night, even in hard times, to remind us that every day holds the potential for beauty.”
  31. My Accessories
  32. Lip Colors
  33. Morning Tea
  34. My Pictures
  35. My Social Networking Accounts
  36. The Gifts from my Friends and Family
  37. My Dressing Table
  38. Instances of Humanity Found here and there
  39. My Common sense — Belive me, it’s not that common.
  40. TV
  41. Desperate Housewives and SATC TV Series — Don’t be judgemental!
  42. My laptop table
  43. My Hair
  44. My Wedding Ring
  45. My Wall Clock
  46. My Photo Frame
  47. WWE — There is something about it.
  48. Humor in Life
  49. My Balcony
  50. Birds — from a distance. I like observing beauty from a distance.
  51. Animals — again, from a distance.
  52. My Car — I would learn to drive it one day.
  53. My Creativity
  54. My bed
  55. Red Wine
  56. Light Beer
  57. Cosmopolitan
  58. Mojito
  59. Fashion Magazines
  60. Book Stores
  61. Flowers
  62. Trees — I am not a tree hugger, but I love looking at them in daylight.
  63. Sun — in winter afternoons
  64. Beauty Treatments
  65. A Good Spa
  66. Walking Aimlessly in a Park in a Lovely Evening
  67. 3D Movies — except horror ones
  68. Freedom to express Myself without Fear
  69. Internet
  70. Metro
  71. Calvin Klein Perfume — Eternity Moments is the one for me.
  72. Movies
  73. Internet Banking
  74. ATM Machines
  75. AC
  76. Automatic Washing Machines –these have made life worth living
  77. Laser Eye Surgery — Finally, I can see without specs and contact lenses
  78. Colors
  79. Hair Highlights
  80. Electricity
  81. Geyser
  82. Power Naps
  83. Green Tea
  84. Hot Shower
  85. Fun Filled Outings
  86. Rides in Amusement Parks
  87. Beaches
  88. Stars
  89. Soft AC Quilts
  90. Bathtubs
  91. Flights
  92. Cruises
  93. Amazon Kindle App
  94. Play Books App
  95. Cold Drinks
  96. My Makeup Kit
  97. Popcorns
  98. Late Night Senseless Talks with my Loved Ones
  99. Dancing

I am dedicating this post to my sweetheart Romeo, who died while I was at the end of writing this post. My mom called me to inform about it, and she was in tears. He was suffering very badly since the last couple of days, but today, his body gave up. I wish his soul rest in peace 🙁 I am sorry to end this positive post on a tragic note, but I could not resist writing about his death. I think deaths are a reminder of the little control that we hold in life. Then why do some of us spend it in meaningless search of power? All we can do is love and hope that our loved ones would stick with us till the end.

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  1. sanchthewriter says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Romeo 🙁 I agree that pets are like family — they are like children and need love and care like kids do, if not more. And they love us back a whole lot more! I hope Romeo is happy where he is.

    Lovely list by the way to make you feel alive.

    1. Thanks, Sanch for your kind words. Getting the news of his sad demise while I was writing the post on feeling alive was quite ironical, he always picked great moments to surprise us.

  2. mackenzieglanville says:

    Oh no! I am heartbroken to hear about Romeo! Sending big love honey xx

    1. Thanks a lot, dear! My whole family is having a hard time dealing with this loss, but the love that I am receiving from my beautiful family of bloggers is really helping.

  3. First of all, sorry to hear about Romeo. Having lost a few doggie companions, I know how hard it can be. Hugs.
    Is Romeo on of those cuties in the picture?
    Second, I love, love your post. It makes me want to meet you in person and sit down and a have good chinwag with you!

    1. Yeah, Corinne! The cutie in the middle is Romeo. Adorable, wasn’t he?
      Anyways, I am always ready to meet a compassionate and amazing person like you 🙂 Whatever you plan, I’ll be there to join you!

  4. Sorry to know about Romeo. My love and prayers to you. Indeed its an amazing list !!!

    1. Thanks, dear Vasantha 🙂 I am sure that he is swimming in the pool of milk in heaven.

      1. Yes dear …. You are more correct. Stay blessed with peace.

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