An Eulogy to My Dear Friend!

Dear Romy,

I have never felt more regret in my life for not clicking enough snaps than I do today. Your sudden demise has left a question mark on my whole belief system. I always believed in creating memories rather than capturing them, but today, I don’t know if this has been the best belief. I could not be with you during your last moments, and now, I don’t have enough snaps of yours to look at those big round and innocent eyes one more time. We, humans, have access to an unlimited pool of words — sometimes, in more than one language — and yet, we fail to communicate the ways in which we love one another (I, for one, have used these words to hurt my loved ones more number of times than I can count). You guys, my cute little babies, cannot translate your language to ours, but the manner in which you expressed your selfless love is clearer than any human could ever do. Only the pet lovers can understand the depth of love one person feels for their furry companions, and I am not going to try to explain the depth of this love to the other crowd. I wish I had been there to say goodbye to you for the last time, but I am relieved that I wasn’t there because I don’t know how would I have dealt with the pain of bidding farewell to you. I hope that you are in heaven sitting next to God and drinking your favorite beverage, milk. Believing that you are in a beautiful place, full of your favorite things, is enough to keep me going. I love you a lot and would miss you for a long time.

Lots of Love!

My Sweetheart Silent Sweetheart
My Sweetheart Silent Romy

I would like to share a few things about my adorable friend. From the childhood, Romy had been a guy with few words. He used to sit in the corner with (or without) his siblings, and we didn’t hear him bark even once. Actually, we had come to the conclusion that he has this disability, but he made up for his act of not being able to speak by using his big black round eyes. He would stare at us for hours. He was not too fond of using his legs either. We would call his name, try to raise his interest by showing him pedigree, and act stupidly just to make him jump and come to us. But, to no avail. Our little hero did not like moving unless he really had to. However, once he started barking, he never stopped. He would bark at people, sounds, and, sometimes, just for fun. Irrespective of his loud and endless barking habit, we always thought of him as a saint, who can do no wrong. Soon, we realized he was a little thief. He would act when no one was watching. For a long time, we assumed other kids to be the culprit of the mess that he left behind. Of course, one day we caught him with my cell phone in his mouth. Needless to say, he had left many scratches, which were used as evidence against him. He had ripped the cover of my phone and almost broken the screen guard. This reminds me his love for the cell phones. I don’t know what was it about cell phones that attracted him, but he was often found sitting on somebody’s phone. He used to hide it under his tail or put his face on it and sleep. When he wasn’t playing hide and seek with our phones, He spent most of his time drinking milk and sleeping. When we added little pugs to our happy family, he was not very excited. In fact, he remained annoyed with these new kids until his last breath. Many times, we scolded him for growling at our latest addition to the family. I am sure that our home would become very silent without him. Although we would miss his presence around us for a long time, our hearts will keep his memories alive forever.

Rony as a Kid <3

He was born on Valentine’s day a few years ago and died on the last day of Navratras this year (15th April’16). He really knew how to select a date for his big occasions. Love you, sweetheart! I wish I had more pictures of you 🙁

P.S. As a miracle, the daily post prompt, Snap, fit perfectly to my thought of not having enough snaps of my sweethearts. I am going to change that. Everyday, taking one picture of my loved ones should not affect my memory-making process; in fact, it would help me.

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