What Happens in Funeral Stays in Funeral!

Have you ever been to a funeral? Excuse my frank, albeit at times rather insensitive, remarks about the occasion. In my recent experience, I had come to the conclusion that more than 90% of those tear-stricken faces are portraying a facade. Undoubtedly, the close family mourns the loss deeply. However, a major portion of relatives, who come to “show respect” to the departed, do everything but mourn. Or perhaps, my family falls under this category. If you haven’t hated me with my forward comments, you would soon begin to hate me. Whatever! I never bothered about your opinion, why should I start doing it now? Particularly on the day, when I received two mind-blowing superpowers from God.

Be Kind. I Just Lost my Family.

When I was only two months old, a speeding car crushed my mom and three siblings. I never had a father, to begin with. Obviously, there must have been a male that helped my mom conceive. His participation, however, ended just there. Just like that, I had no family. Those two months that I had spent in the warm embrace of my family were no less than a paradise. We did not have a house. So, my mom used to search for shelter every day. There were good days and bad days. Our definition of a good day was finding leftover food under the protection of a tree or tin-shade or a bridge somewhere. A day spent under the burning hot sun with no shade and no rejected food was marked as a bad day.

Chaos on the Road

How many of the readers have played car racing games in their childhood? Raise your hands! Yes, as suspected, 80% of the readers have played car racing games. Well, then you know how competitive we used to get. I remember playing these games with my cousins. My cousin, Utkarsh da, is an excellent video games…

At the Crossroads!

Often, I find myself standing at the crossroads of my beliefs and the norms set by the society. This is, almost, an everyday occurrence. People have been calling me a rebel because I try to put my opinion on the table, even when nobody is interested. Trust me, this is not a fun activity for…