Seeking Help takes Courage!

” If I ask for help to a psychiatrist, and someone gets to know about it, then people will think I’m crazy.” This has been a common mentality. This makes me wonder why are we afraid to seek help on the account of others. When we are falling down then who is there to lift us up. Only a few people, for sure; then why are we bothered about the perspective of others on our life. After pondering over this thought for a while, I realized that this is what we do. When I hear my friends praising my work, encouraging me, and motivating me to do better, I may not pay full attention to them; however, when someone finds mistakes and judges me negatively, I find it hard to take my head off that mean judgement. I know that this category of people love putting people down, yet — ignoring my better judgement — I would invest my energy and time in thinking about their criticism.

When I really think about it, I realize that we all have the brains to separate their intentional and useless negative criticism from the real points of criticism on which we can improve. Before realizing it, I used to take every word of criticism to my heart. I would think about it, spend hours sulking about it, and finally, dreaming of ways to make that person realize that they were wrong. However, this thought process was bad for only me. When we are trying to improve ourselves to prove our worth to somebody else then we are not giving ourselves a fair chance to really improve. Rather, we are wasting our effort by dedicating our “improvement” to the vengeance. Nevertheless, improving ourselves for our own betterment and to make our loved ones proud will help us in making a difference. Once I realized this little thing, I am exploring my real potential and ignoring nonsensical comments of the negative people.

Coming back to the subject, once we realize our problem or area of improvement, we should never hold ourselves back because people might tag us as #losers. We have a problem and we know the solution. We can not harm us by taking that road; if we must walk that road alone, then so be it. Let us walk the road that leads to the elimination of our worries with our heads kept held high and a bright smile on our face. Seeking help takes a lot of courage; whereas mocking someone takes nothing but a stupid and worthless brain with nonsense heart.

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  1. siddatwp says:

    How do you differentiate between the intentional and useless criticism and the real criticism (the one that can improve us) ?

    1. I’ll share my personal experience. I shared one article with two websites. First one said, “The article could use little bit more editing.” Now I know what could help me. However, the second feedback said that the article was nonsense. Now, how do I improve on that one? Separating constructive and non constructive criticism takes just one thing: common sense!

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