Run from the Green Eyed Monster!

There is a monster whose physical appearance is still a mystery to all of us. Almost each one of us has felt him moving inside our bodies, controlling our brains, and destroying our relationships, none of us has seen him actually materialize. In my head, though, this monster has huge green eyes that have no pupils and only green color takes up the whole space, a nose that is exactly similar to the one that Voldemort has in the movie “Harry Potter,” lips that are nothing but a straight line, and his teeth are all black. This monster is attracted towards the person, who has the potential to turn green with envy. He searches for his perfect companion and hates to spend his time alone. After closely observing his potential partner, he sets up his camp inside that person. Although that person looks and sounds like himself, he/she looks at the world from this monster’s eyes. One very significant attribute of this monster is his possessiveness towards everyone and everything around him. He does not like if this person’s spouse laughs, talks or does anything with anyone else other than him; he would do anything to keep this person’s spouse all to himself. This tendency of Green Eyed Monster hampers the relationship and breaks apart — a once happy — family. Another aspect of this monster is the particles of unhappiness that surround him when he sees anybody else happier or more successful than the person inside whom he resides. He won’t rest, talk, laugh, and even eat properly until he defeats the other person’s happiness.

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Now the question arises, how do we know if this monster has set up his camp inside our own body? Well, observing the symptoms is not a rocket science. Generally, these are plain in our sight. every time you look at the vacation pictures of your friend — any friend — if you feel a whisper in your head that you should have been there, and you constantly hear a voice in your head that next vacation pictures should be uploaded from you before your friend, preferably in the more exotic location than your “worthless” friend’s vacation spot. Listen closely, does the sound in your head has a dreadful vibe to it? Does envy make you want to stop browsing your social website for the fear of finding out that others are smiling more than you? Then, you have the reason to call an exorcist because my friend, you have befriended a Green Eyed Monster!

Similarly, if you are a happily married man, and your wife has never given you a reason to doubt her, but that does not stop you from obsessing over who she is talking to, every time her number comes busy. Then, you may be — unintentionally — sleeping with this monster. Forgive me for saying this, but it’s you who is having an affair and not your wife. It’s good to be alert to avoid being hurt in love, but when this alertness converts into obsession, then there is a problem.

All said and done, you can become your own exorcist or assign this task to one of your close relatives or friends. First, observe the effect of other’s success and happiness on yourself. Question yourself, how does it feel that your best friend has gone on a vacation to Paris or how much did you wish to be more successful than your colleague, and if the answer has a stench of this Green Eyed Monster then run to the other side — just kidding! If you feel the presence of this envious monster, then dig deep into your heart and assure yourself that you have the potential to reach the stars, and till that time comes, you must feel ecstatic for others. Do not let this monster crash your world by clouding your better judgment.Respect your friends, family, and spouse. Do not lose them to this disdainful and heartless monster. You owe it to yourself.

I have published this post in response to the daily post prompt: Envy

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  1. This monster is insidious and sneaks up on us without us realizing it. It breeds in an atmosphere of insecurity. It takes a lot to fight it, but we must.

    1. Wow, well said! I think that I should quote you in this post.

  2. shanayatales says:

    I will second what Corrine said; she put it so well.

    1. Yep, Corinne stole my thunde;) Just kidding! I am impressed by her selection of words, too.

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