Who is really Dirty?

The common mentality of people towards another set of people who clean our mess breaks my heart. Often they refuse to even eat on the same table as them. This makes me wonder who really is dirty? We, the clean ones, who are okay with spreading our filth everywhere without giving a care in the world or the ones who betray their inherent sense of disgust to clean the mess?

I have seen many people leaving their mess behind for the “cleaning people” because it’s their job to clean.This theory has many problems:

  1. Of course, the cleaning person would clean your filth, but does it give you a right to discover new standards of making your surrounding dirty?
  2. Of course, the housekeeping staff would take care of the mess that you left behind in the lady’room — or men’s room, I’m assuming — but must you forget that the housekeeping staff consists of humans like you — and not robots?

Sometimes I look at the disgusting mess in the washrooms, and I wonder how could anyone manage to create such a mess. Moreover, I cannot help myself from thinking which emergency made them rush out of the washroom before tidying up a little.

My heart goes out to the people who keep aside all their hygiene issues to make our world wonderful, but I feel ridiculous about the people who cannot find in their hearts to at least pay their overdue respect to these contributors of our society. Let’s break down the walls of biased behavior against these people and begin feeling their discomfort. Next time you leave your filth behind or decide to throw trash on the road, try walking in the shoes of  the person who would need to clean up after you. If you feel that you can, then good for you, otherwise you may want to use the miracle called your hands and clean your own mess.

P.S. This post is in response to the daily post prompt of the day: Dirty

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  1. Nam H Nguyen says:

    I’ve always found that odd at food courts. The thought, why don’t people clean up after themselves?
    Many of them, friends included have given that same response, leave it for the cleaning people, they would say. It’s as if rubbish validates their existence.
    It’s this same mentality that creates such a difference between clean societies like Japan towards the European world. People respect their environment there, and you will find the place spotless.

    1. If only everyone else learns to respect the nature and her endless gifts. I’m so glad to read your comment. It’s my dream to visit Europe and Japan once in my life.

      1. Nam H Nguyen says:

        I think you’ll like it over there 🙂

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